'Catboy Goes to the Park,' Today's Comic by Benji Nate

A hot day in the park turns into total chaos for Olive and her human-sized cat person, Henry.
Benji Nate
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Have You Seen This Possibly Undead Goose with an Arrow in Its Neck?

The bird has managed to evade local animal groups for weeks, despite its injury.
Drew Schwartz

Check Out This Festival Where People Tear the Head off a Goose

The first person to do so is crowned Goose King for a year.
Maarten Delobel

French Foie Gras Exports Halted Due to Bird Flu

Sadly, for the libertines who have no moral opposition to shoving food into the bellies of birds with a long, metal tube, things aren’t getting better for the foie gras industry.
Nick Rose
food waste

This Food Truck Serves Geese Shot at Amsterdam Airport

A couple from Holland is running a food truck that serves horse burgers, muskrat goulash, and geese shot by hunters at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport (to prevent them from flying into jet engines, obviously).
Jack Dutton

Chair Rockets and Demon Ladders: How Our Ancestors Imagined Going to the Moon

Over the centuries and across cultures, numerous ideas about how to get to our satellite have been bandied about, and they truly expose the depth of humanity's harebrained imagination.
Becky Ferreira
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We Should Be Eating More Canadian Geese

Geese are the worst kind of Canadians: they're jerks, cause tons of property damage, and bring down entire aircrafts. They're also delicious—and very, very plentiful.
Emelyn Rude

The Goosebuster Drone Prevents Geese from Dropping Their Poison Poop

The 'Goosebuster' drone chases Canadian geese away from the public beach they keep pooping on.
Ben Makuch
Motherboard Blog

The Phineas Gage Goose That Poe Predicted

The great thing about the local news is that...well, it’s the local news. Whereas national newscasts might occasionally busy themselves with stories that make you want to stick your head in the sand or an an oven, small towns across the country are...
Trevor Macomber