Google Chrome


The Wrong Amazon is Burning

A Google Chrome extension wants to remind you that it doesn’t have to be this way.


Google and Mozilla Block Kazakhstan’s Browser Spying Tool

Browser makers announced they would block the Kazakhstan government’s root certificate, which was designed to spy on citizens’ internet usage.


Opera Is Launching a Web Browser for Gamers

Opera GX has Twitch integration and automatically limits the amount of RAM and processing power it uses so your games don't crash.


Google Struggles to Justify Why It's Restricting Ad Blockers in Chrome

Google says the changes will improve performance and security. Ad block developers and consumer advocates say Google is simply protecting its ad dominance.


How Google Tracks Hackers

This week, CYBER speaks to Shane Huntley, the Director of Google's Threat Analysis Group (TAG), essentially Google's hacker hunting team.


Old School 'Sniffing' Attacks Can Still Reveal Your Browsing History

The way that major browsers store history and structure links leaves them vulnerable to old school ‘sniffing’ attacks, according to new research from the University of California San Diego.


Biometric and App Logins Will Soon Be Pushed Across the Web

Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla are supporting WebAuthn, a login standard so users more easily access services without a password, and instead use fingerprint data, a hardware token or an app.


Just .69 Percent of Americans Use Opera, Which Is a Bummer Because it's Like Chrome But Better

Opera is built on the same engine as Chrome but is optimized to use less memory, which has made life much less frustrating for tab-obsessed users.


In This Game, Your Favorite Web Browsers Are Anime Babes in a Swimsuit Contest

In Space Live - Advent of the Net Idols, Chrome and Safari compete for virtual supremacy.


Introducing WikiGalaxy, an Incredible 3D Visualization of Wikipedia

Owen Cormec has transformed 100,000 entries from the free encyclopedia into a growing nebula of human knowledge.