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I Tried it

I Took an At-Home Poop Test

Who wouldn't want a snapshot of what's going on in their digestive system?
Misha Gajewski
bee deaths

Popular Weed Killer May Be Responsible for Global Bee Deaths

An ingredient in the popular herbicide, Roundup, may be related to colony collapse disorder, say scientists.
Sarah Emerson
Phys Ed

To Understand How Super Fit Bodies Work, We're Studying Their Poop

Science, baby.
Nick Keppler
You're Smarter Than That

Kombucha Isn't Making You Any Healthier

That buzz? It’s just the residual booze.
Cindy Kuzma
They Made Me Do It

Are Gut Bacteria Driving Your Cravings?

Food-choice free will may be an illusion.
Shayla Love
You're Smarter Than That

More Evidence That Yogurt Isn’t the Gut Magician You Think It Is

A new study examines the probiotic dosages of more than 100 foods.
Jesse Hicks

Stuff Your Face with Chocolate and Wine Because It’s Good for Your Gut

Some Belgian and Dutch researchers just published two studies that found eating and drinking fun stuff like chocolate, wine, and coffee could increase the diversity of your microbiome.
Wyatt Marshall

You're Home to Trillions of Microbes That Affect Everything From Digestion to Depression

Scientists are learning more than ever before about the microscopic bacteria, fungi, and viruses we carry with us everywhere.
Sydney Lupkin

Could Fecal Transplants From Rich Children Help Starving Kids in Africa?

A study on malnourished children in Malawi showed the right gut bacteria could allow normal growth despite a diet low in nutrition.
Kari Paul
Mr es

The Army Will Pay You to Eat Nothing but MREs for 3 Weeks

The study will provide researchers the chance to try out new MRE recipes in hopes of making mealtime less monotonous, like “Bunker Hill Burritos,” “Fort Bliss-ful Pudding Cake,” and the “Canteen Irish Cream Latte.”
Wyatt Marshall

A Woman Got Out of a DUI Because Her Body Produces Its Own Alcohol

The condition, known as “auto-brewery syndrome” or “gut fermentation syndrome,” is rare, but it gets those who have it quite literally drunk even when they haven’t been near a bar.
Wyatt Marshall

Scientists May Have Figured Out Why Cheese Doesn’t Make French People Fat

Good news: cheese might actually alter your gut bacteria to create a compound that encourages weight loss and improves metabolism. Bring on the Brie.
Munchies Staff