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The Burnout and Escapism Issue

The Young and the Uncared For

The dark truths behind our obsession with self-care.
Shayla Love
mental health

The Dark Truths Behind Our Obsession With Self-Care

What this growing trend reveals about the flaws in mental healthcare.
Shayla Love
Invisible Jobs

What It’s Like to Be a Woman Working in Construction

Solid union wages are a big draw—and a great equalizer—but being the only woman on a 500-person crew comes with its own set of challenges.
Anita Hamilton

Treat Yourself to a Health Shopping Spree

Now is the perfect time to max out your free and discounted health benefits for 2018.
Anita Hamilton

How to Find a Therapist You Can Actually Afford

With a single session costing as much as $300 in some cities, mental health care can feel more like a privilege than a right. We asked practitioners and patients alike for tips on how to make it work.
Ilana Novick

How to Save on Health Insurance as a Freelancer in the Trump Era

Obamacare helped make healthcare premiums affordable. Tax reform is changing that.
Raj Chander
tax spa - created with geico

How Many Deductions Should You Actually Take on Your Taxes?

Here's what you need to know to make sure you owe the least amount of money to (or get a nice healthy return from) the IRS.
FREE Staff

What to Do if You Missed the Deadline to Buy Health Insurance

The deadline for Obamacare plans has passed in most places.
Jessica Migala
global health

India’s Aging Sex Workers Are Facing a Healthcare Crisis

STDs and stigma are now the least of their concerns.
Justin Heifetz​​

Health Insurance Company Fined $200K for Denying Care to Trans People

Seven patients in California were denied coverage for gender transition-related care.
Ed Cara
Sobriety Check

We’re Drinking So Much It’s Now a 'Public Health Crisis'

If you have 4 to 5 drinks in one sitting at least once a week, that's considered high-risk behavior.
Alexandra Ossola

America's Health Care System Kills People—But It Doesn't Have to Be This Way

In Australia, vital services like cancer treatments are free; in the US, countless people struggle to even get screened. We spoke to cancer patients in both countries about the drastic difference single-payer health insurance can make.
Gabby Bess