the amazing race

The Race That Pairs Humans Against Horses

We watched 1,000 people race a bunch of horses 21 miles across mid-Wales to find out who would win.
Harry Harris
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JetBlue Is Totally Cool with Your Emotional Support Miniature Horse

But hedgehogs, ferrets, snakes, and spiders are a no-go.
Drew Schwartz

People Sum Up the Dumbest Thing They Spent Money on in Six Words

"An expensive, 'realistic'-looking horse mask."
Anna Goldfarb
true crime

How a Stud Racehorse Helped Sink a Brutal Cartel Boss

A top Los Zetas figure had his brother set up a horse-breeding operation in America to launder cash. Then they started winning big prizes—and the feds got involved.
Seth Ferranti

Tracking Canada’s Horse Slaughtering Trade from Alberta to Japan

The practice is legal in Canada, unlike the United States.
Anna Brooks
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Adventurous Shoppers Decided to Ride Horses Through a Texas Walmart

And one of them caught the whole thing on camera.
Drew Schwartz

Check Out This Festival Where People Tear the Head off a Goose

The first person to do so is crowned Goose King for a year.
Maarten Delobel
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Ketamine Is an Essential Medicine, Says Anesthesiologists

There's a new campaign to remind people of the painkiller's medicinal purposes.
Carlton Férment

The Beauty and Strangeness of a Day at the Track

Eric Chakeen's photographs explore the fading horse-racing culture in Del Mar, California
Eric Chakeen
the vice interview

Talking to Patti Smith About Being in Love and Crying at Everything

The punk poet talks last meals, crying all the time, and reading every day.
Hannah Ewens
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A Mysterious Horseman Lassoed a Wicked Bike Thief in a Walmart Parking Lot

Once the cowboy handed the thief over to the police, he presumably rode off into the sunset, Walmart shopping bags in tow.
VICE Staff

Congress May Finally Make It a Crime to Sell Horses for Their Meat

There are no longer any horse slaughterhouses in the United States, but it's still legal for Americans to buy horses and ship them to other countries to be processed as meat.
Luke Winkie