humpback whales

5 days ago

Watch Incredible Footage of Whales Hunting With ‘Nets’ Made of Bubbles

“We’re observing how these animals are manipulating their prey and preparing the prey for capture.”


Humpback Whales Learn New Songs as They Travel

“The migration patterns of humpback whales are written into their songs.”


A Mysterious Ocean ‘Blob’ Might Have Kept Female Whales From Getting Pregnant

Scientists believe the blob gives us a grim look at how climate change could affect whales.


Rotting Whale Carcasses Are Bringing Risk of Shark Swarms to Australian Coast

The government of Western Australia revealed that a historic number of dead whales littered its beaches this year.


Spellbinding Black-and-White Photos of Humpback Whales in Migration

Australian photographer Jem Cresswell follows the animals during their journeys.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will outline their national security policies Wednesday, a Zika funding bill fails again in Congress, Apple is set to reveal the iPhone 7, and more.


Biologists Are Now Collecting Whale Snot With Drones

Whale "blow" is liquid gold.


Whales Are Dying Off North America’s West Coast — And it Could Signal Trouble Deep in the Ocean

Four humpback whales have been found dead off the BC coast this week. And 23 other whales have been found dead off the coast of Alaska recently. A toxic algae bloom could be the culprit.


These People Won the Whale-Watching Jackpot

A group of bubble-feeding humpbacks get up close and personal.


Humpback Whales Record an Ambient Album

Seriously, 14 composers teamed up with a couple humpbacks to create an amphibious album of atmospheric music.