Most Hunt Management Plans Aren’t Based in Science

In a new study, 60 percent of plans—spanning Canadian provinces and US states—lacked a scientific approach.
Lisa Cumming
arctic greening

The Arctic Is Getting Greener But Its Caribou Are Dying

Some Indigenous communities rely on the caribou hunt.
Lisa Cumming

Canadian Redditors Are On the Hunt for a Lost Space Balloon

It was in Bobcaygeon that I saw the constellations reveal themselves one balloon at a time.
Jordan Pearson
The Sick Day Issue

Hunting for Hallucinogenic Honey in Nepal

Each year, an increasing number of Nepalis leave rural villages to work abroad, and honey hunting has become a way for the villagers to maintain a connection with their ancestors.
David Caprara

The Filmmaker Fighting Against the Animal Rights War on Seal Hunting

A new documentary, 'Angry Inuk,' points out the irony of progressives attacking a long-standing Indigenous practice.
Jake Kivanc

You've Got to Hunt for Your Own Steak in the Australian Outback

In the remote town of Roebourne, Australia (population 1,200), average temperatures are around 40° C/104° F. Becoming involved in the local food scene means being able to hunt and source kangaroo, snakes, Bush turkey, bat, and sea turtle.
Jessica Thompson

Big Cat Sculptures Prowl to Preserve an Endangered Leopard

With only 60 left around the world, Amur leopards need all the help they can get. Lucky for them, they have a friend in artist Arran Gregory.
Nathaniel Ainley

The MUNCHIES Guide To Moselle: Part 3

Billy learns about—and takes part in—one of these traditional hunts coordinated in order to protect the riesling grape in the region along the Moselle.
Billy Wagner

Why I'm a Closeted Duck Hunter

I grew up hunting everything from deer and ducks in Louisiana, but it wasn't until I came into contact with one chef who changed the way that I view the sport that has made me a different hunter, a better chef, and leader.
John Besh
Faroe Islands

This Is What Happens When You're Too Fat to Fly

In the Faroe Islands, an archipelago in the North Atlantic, baby fulmar birds float around helplessly until they lose enough weight to fly. For one week a year, Faroese hunt them in their boats, scooping them from the sea.
Elise Coker

The Great Burmese Python Hunt of 2013

Florida's government invites you to drop in, grab a rifle and go shoot yourself some big 'ol invasive snakes. Yes, there is a cash prize.
Greg Thomas
The Fashion Issue 2010

Vice Comics

By Michael Deforge
Michael Deforge