Inside a Court Room Specialized in Justice for Gender Violence

In El Salvador, one of the most dangerous countries in the world for women and girls, specially trained judges make sure 'machismo' culture doesn't lead to impunity for abusers and murderers.
Anna-Cat Brigida
summer of screamo

Screamo Is Taking Over the World

From South America to Southeast Asia, dozens of bands are spreading the genre across the globe.
Dan Ozzi
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Inventor Charged with Killing Journalist Kim Wall Aboard Submarine

Peter Madsen, 47, could face life in prison.
Lauren Messman

What I Learned Hanging Out with Corpses Around the World

Author and mortician Caitlin Doughty tells us about her new book, in which she explores funeral rites from across the globe.
Justin Caffier
hack the planet

Al Jazeera Says It’s Under a Massive 'Cyber Attack'

The attacks on the Qatar-based media outlet came just days after reports that rival state-owned Qatar News Agency (QNA) was also hacked, sparking an international crisis.
Joseph Cox
We Were Staying in Paris

Cities and States Vow to Resist Trump’s Withdrawal From the Paris Agreement

Even the mayor of Pittsburgh thinks Trump’s withdrawal from the climate accord is misguided.
Daniel Oberhaus
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These Are the 19 Best Dive Bars in New York

This list contains the (future) greatest nights of your life that you won't remember.
Munchies Staff

'There Is a Reign of Fascism at Our Door': What Happens in France Post-Election?

The far-right candidate Marine Le Pen suffered a decisive defeat in France's presidential election—but the National Front, a party originally known for Holocaust denial, still managed to gain political legitimacy.
Rebecca Nathanson

The Teens Going Door to Door to Stop Child Marriages

Child marriage is technically illegal in Bangladesh, but six in 10 girls are still married off before the age of 18. Now, teens across the country are adopting grassroots approaches to fight for their rights—and it's working.
Madeline Moitozo

Are Today's Politicians Reptiles? Well, Politics Are Chameleonic

Varvara & Mar's interactive exhibition compares global politics to reptile skin.
Andrew Salomone

In Hong Kong, Accessing Abortion Is Difficult, Expensive, and Dangerous

Legal restrictions, overcrowded public hospitals, and steep private clinic prices often prevent young women in Hong Kong from terminating their pregnancies safely. For many, the only viable option is to cross the border into mainland China, where a...
Justin Heifetz​​

Putin's Secret Weapon: Hot Chicks in Parliament

From "prosecutie" Natalia Poklonskaya to former "Playboy" model Maria Kozhevnikova, Russia's government has seen a recent influx of beautiful women in powerful positions. But some political analysts say this trend isn't about advancing gender equality...
Josephine Huetlin