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What It’s Like Writing Fake Essays for Wealthy International Students

College admissions fraud is a global industry. Just ask these 'tutors.'
Stephen K Hirst
College admissions scam

How the college-admission scammers did it

“It’s truly stunning, it’s almost comical,” said an expert on economic inequality in higher education. “You wonder if it’s an anomaly.”
Rex Santus
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The Harvard Case Shows a Meme Is Never 'Just' a Meme

Just a meme? There’s no such thing.
Whitney Phillips
Ryan M Milner

Incoming Harvard Students Kicked Out After Sharing Offensive Memes 'For Horny Bourgeois Teens'

The Ivy League university rescinded at least ten acceptance offers from students who had set up a group called Harvard Memes For Horny Bourgeois Teens.
Sirin Kale
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An Ivy League A Capella Group Got Booted for Hazing with Icy Hot

Pledges also had to "race up and down a street and then consume foods," according to the school's report.
Drew Schwartz
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Yale Bulldog Pupper Makes For The Best Good-Boy Celebration

No need for jock jams, fireworks, and trampoline dunks. A pupper doing pupper things is entertainment enough.
Liam Daniel Pierce

No Tackling In Practice? Not a Problem in Ivy League Football

The Ivy League just finished its first season without full-contact tackling in practice. It's too soon to definitively state the new measure's effects, but other conferences are already curious.
Gregory Lee Sullivan
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Is Harvard's Tim Murphy the Best Football Coach in America?

Tim Murphy has been quietly leading a dominant Harvard football program for more than two decades.
Matt Osgood
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This Genius 12-Year-Old Is the Youngest Person to Go to an Ivy League

Seems reasonable considering he read 'Lord of the Rings' at five and started studying calculus at six.
VICE Staff
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Georgetown Is Trying to Make Amends for Its History of Slavery

A new admissions policy is just one of the unprecidented changes the school plans on making to acknowledge its role in the slave trade.
VICE Staff
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Why The Ivy League's Ban On Practice Tackling Is The Future Of Football

When the Ivy League recently announced a ban on tackling during in-season practices, football purists were aghast. But the sport's long-term health depends on eliminating unnecessary hitting.
Ty Schalter
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A Girl Got into Five Ivy League Schools by Writing an Essay About Costco

This seems like some sort of Hamburger Helper mixtape-level branded marketing scheme, but it's all too real.
Spencer Fox