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The Goon Sax Are Indie Pop's Next Best Mess

The Brisbane trio is set to win the hearts and minds of lovesick kids around the world with the release of 'We're Not Talking', their second collection of guitar pop miniatures. They just have to find their keys first.


How an Australian Chef Found Himself Making Lebanese Food in Hong Kong

Chef James Harrison has never been to Beirut, but training under Melbourne's best Lebanese-Australian chef (and his slap-happy mother) made him fall in love with the cuisine.


The Steelers Have the Only Good Defense Left in the NFL Playoffs

Star quarterbacks lead the NFL's final four Super Bowl contenders, but Pittsburgh is the only team with a reliable defense.


The Training Secrets of the NFL's Oldest Linebacker

The Steelers' James Harrison works out way, way harder than you.


MLB Clears Players after Al Jazeera Report; NFL Investigation Stalls

On Friday, MLB cleared Ryan Howard and Ryan Zimmerman of any wrongdoing related to an Al Jazeera report about steroid use. Meanwhile, the NFL still hasn't interviewed players mentioned in that same report.


Three Players Named in Al Jazeera Report Agree to Meet with NFL

Three of the four players the NFL demanded interviews with agreed to show up, out of fear of a suspension.


James Harrison Gives Back His Kids' Participation Trophies

James Harrison will not stand for crybaby participation trophies in his house.


The NFL Doesn’t Know How to Handle Domestic Violence

Players are punished more harshly for doing drugs than they are for beating women.