Japanese culture


'Isle of Dogs' Is a White Man's Fantasy of Japan

Wes Anderson's latest film is funny, charming, and just straight up cultural appropriation.


Woodblock Prints Illustrate the History and Sensuality of Japanese Baths

An exhibition of ukiyo-e woodblock prints depicts the evolution of Japanese bathing culture, even the dirty parts.


How 'Persona 5' Embraces the Devil on Your Shoulder

In a series largely about duty and self-control, 'Persona 5' decides you can't have salvation without a little sin.


Photos of the Most Kawaii Costumes at a Brooklyn Cherry Blossom Festival

People dressed as Sailor Moon characters, Pikachu, or in seven-foot-tall robot suits cat-walked to high-pitched J-pop and J-rock in a pursuit of all things happy and positive.


Japan’s Building an Army of Over-Friendly Androids for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

This summer, Japan unveiled plans for a digital tourist-assistance system that mimics the concept omotenashi: anticipating guests' needs and exceeding their expectations to the point of it being eerily predictive.


Meet FEMM, the Sentient Mannequin J-Pop Supergroup

Do you like dance music but wish it were performed by glamorous robots in space-age catsuits?


What Happened at Japan's Moshi Moshi Nippon Festival

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, no booze, cross-dressing, and segregation: this fest is all about promoting Harajuku culture to foreign bodies.


A Visit to Japan's Fake Food Capital

In Japan, fake food is a lucrative industry and an almost century-old tradition of elite craftsmanship.