‘Kiwigate’ Is France’s Latest Food Fraud Scam

Fruit producers passed Italian kiwis off as French so they could charge more per fruit and earned over $6 million in profit.


Crispy Ham Hocks Are Giving Action Bronson and Kiwis the Feels at This New Zealand Restaurant

When Depot opened on Auckland’s Federal Street in 2011, many Kiwis lost their minds over an inimitable experience that evokes unexpected—and welcomed—feelings.


Apparently, New Zealand's Ice Age Was a Great Time For Kiwi

The secrets of New Zealand's ice age have been hiding in kiwi DNA.


New Zealand Isn’t Taking the Trans-Pacific Partnership Laying Down

They may be the second-smallest country in the talks, but Kiwis are up in arms over the rampant secrecy surrounding the deal.


This Is What Happens When You Let New Zealanders Make Their Own Flag

The New Zealand government has opened the doors to public submissions for their new flag. Candidates have included kiwis, sheep, lasers, more kiwis, and more sheep.


News of Zealand: Monkey Garbage Men, Zombie Rabbits, and Agriculture

The All Blacks also won on the weekend, but that's not really news because we always do.


New Zealand Knows How to Terrify Its Citizens Into Driving Better

Earlier this month, a New Zealand anti-speeding commercial went viral, and for good reason—it is probably the most creative and effective ad for slowing the fuck down that has ever been made. But it is only the most recent standout commercial produced...