kuala lumpur


Kim Jong Un’s Half-Brother Assassinated by Women with Poison Needles, Reports Say

If confirmed as an assassination, it would be the highest-profile killing of a North Korean since Kim Jong Un’s uncle Jang Song Thaek was executed in late 2013.
David Gilbert
Chinese food

My Visit to 'The World's Greatest Chinese Restaurant'

During a layover in Kuala Lumpur, I found myself hungry and with plenty of time to kill. So I decided to check out Restoran Sek Yuen, which one blog had recently deemed the world’s greatest Chinese restaurant.
Brent Crane

A Skater's Paintings Reveal the Rise of Malaysian Street Art

Skater turned artist Donald Abraham pushes the street art aesthetic into Kuala Lumpur's galleries.
Lauren Razavi
Persian food

This Woman’s Living Room Is Kuala Lumpur’s Best Persian Restaurant

After posting online and consulting with friends on the city’s best Persian food, I find myself in the plainly-decorated apartment of Iranian expat Ainaz Reihani.
Lauren Razavi

Female Circumcision Is Becoming More Popular in Malaysia

In a recent study, 93 percent of Malaysian Muslim women admitted to being circumcised. We took a look at what's driving this painful boom.
Marta Kasztelan

Photos of Hindus Cleansing Their Sins at Malaysia's Thaipusam Festival

Devotees, some of them with skewers stuck through their cheeks or hooks in their backs, climb 272 steps to demonstrate their devotion to their god.
Dominic Blewett

The Malaysian Authorities Are After Some Teen Girls for Being Hugged and Kissed by a K-Pop Group

The girls lived out a teenaged fantasy onstage, but now the Federal Territory Islamic Religious Department wants them to turn themselves in for an "indecent act."
Allie Conti

Meet The Filmmaker Behind Unreal Hyperlapse Tours Of Barcelona And Other Cities

"Barcelona GO!" creator Rob Whitworth talked to us about the stunning worlds of his timelapse 'city portraits.'
Beckett Mufson

George Bush and Tony Blair Are Officially War Criminals

We talked to the commissioner of the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission, which, unlike the International Criminal Court in the Hague, has found George W. Bush and Tony Blair responsible for crimes against peace.
Simon Childs