Watch 10,000 Maggots Scarf Down a Pizza in Two Hours

Black soldier flies are the Joey Chestnuts of the larvae world.
Becky Ferreira
Great Barrier Reef

This Underwater Robot Will ‘Squirt’ Coral Larvae onto the Great Barrier Reef to Save It

The LarvalBot is an experimental technology that could revive damaged and dying parts of the Great Barrier Reef.
Sarah Emerson

How Plants Turn Chill Caterpillars Into Rampaging Cannibals

"It often starts with one caterpillar biting another one in the rear."
Michael Byrne

Ocean Babies Are Hard to Track, So Scientists Are Bringing in the Bots

Researchers hope the information the robots collect on where larvae move will improve monitoring of ocean health and better inform the design of future Marine Protected Areas.
Gloria Dickie
The VICE Guide to Right Now

A Doctor Filmed Maggots Crawling Out of a Patient's Wounds at a Romanian Hospital

The Romanian health minister did not hesitate to accuse the hospital's management of negligence: "This is unacceptable... surely someone could have taken some time out of their lunch break to put up a mosquito net," he said.
VICE Romania

How Canadian Scientists Plan to Fight Zika With Old Tires and Milk

A low cost, environmentally friendly trap will help curb the spread of mosquitoes.
Amanda Roth
Modern Medicine

Parasites by Post: The Online Black Market for Therapeutic Worms

Some swear by Helminthic therapy, infesting themselves with parasitic worms to treat autoimmune and inflammatory conditions—except the treatment is far from doctor approved.
Daniel Viola
Internet Exploring

Arise with This Rad New Amebix Covers Compilation, Featuring Agrimonia, Coltsblood, and More

The latest entry in Cvlt Nation's covers series is the best one yet!
Kim Kelly