Lockheed Martin


Inside Lockheed Martin’s New Facility for Simulating Space Wars

'Pulsar Guardian' will let governmental and commercial customers run wargames simulating conflict in space.
Sarah Scoles
21 hours ago
hurricane michael

The Air Force won't say how many F-22s it lost to Hurricane Michael

As much as 10 percent of the U.S.’s F-22 fighter fleet might have been damaged in the storm
Emma Ockerman

The Newest Mars Base Concept Is a Giant Igloo at the Martian North Pole

A team of scientists at the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne outline plans for a nine-month surface mission to the Martian North.
Becky Ferreira
War Is Boring

The Navy’s First Carrier-Launched Drone Will Be a Flying Gas Tank

For now.
David Axe
encrypt all the things

The World’s Biggest Military Contractors Don’t Encrypt Their Websites

America’s largest defense contractors still don’t use HTTPS on their main websites.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

Can a Pride Be Proud with Unethical Corporate Sponsorship?

An increasing bevy of activists say they can't—a conflict that's redefining the battleground of LGBTQ rights.
Steven Blum
Impact Equality

No Justice, No Pride Is the Revolutionary Spirit of the Stonewall Riots

The parade blockade at Capital Pride 2017 is the queer revolution we've been waiting for.
Aaron Barksdale
Top Fun

This 1997 Flight Sim Let You Fly the F-35 Years Before It Was Ready

I first flew the F-35 as a nine-year-old.
Ben Sullivan

Canada can’t make up its mind on buying F-35s

Canada is moving to restart a competition to buy a new fleet of fighter jets. A process that will take five years.
Justin Ling

NASA Is Pushing for Solar Power, But It Can't Get Us Past Jupiter

The newest solar-powered spacecraft, Juno, would probably lose steam beyond the gas giant.
Brad Bergan
defense & security

The Air Force plans to spend billions upgrading America's aging nuclear arsenal

The Air Force put out a call for proposals on Friday to replace the Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) and the nuclear cruise missile.
Keegan Hamilton
defense & security

Canada may become the first country to ditch the F-35 fighter jet

Documents obtained by VICE News show Justin Trudeau’s government is exploring pulling out of the most expensive weapons program in history.
Justin Ling