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Granddad Says He Won $344 Million Lotto Jackpot Thanks to Fortune Cookie

“I hope it don't change me a lot. I'm still going to wear my jeans. Maybe newer ones.”
Jelisa Castrodale
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Maybe Don't Brag to Your Roommates About Your $10 Million Lottery Ticket

And definitely don't leave it out while you're sleeping.
River Donaghey

Secret $1.5 Billion Mega Millions Winner Is Blowing It, 'Lotto Lawyer' Says

Claiming a massive jackpot right away isn't always a smart move, but what is this person waiting for?
Allie Conti

Are Millennials Killing the Lottery Industry?

Millennials are too busy killing napkins and fabric softener to buy lottery tickets, so the lottery industry is looking for new ways to attract the next generation of gambling addicts.
Zack Huffman
these boots are made for advertisin'

​Every Other Colour Is The New Black: The Evolution of Football Boots

Modern football boots come in a wide range of elaborate colours and synthetic casings. It began in 1970, when Alan Ball wore a pair of white Hummels – and nothing has been quite the same since.
Nicholas Thompson

Everyone's a Winner When It Comes to Giant, Scratch-Off Art

Camella DaEun Kim's 'No Losers' gives you the satisfaction of a scratcher without any of the risk.
Nathaniel Ainley
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The UK National Lottery Is Basically Evil

It's basically a stealth tax on poor people.
Martin Robbins
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Shoppers' Credit Cards Were Compromised, and an EPA Official Stole Thousands of Taxpayer Dollars

This week, thousands of Target shoppers discovered their credit card information had been corrupted, a judge sentenced an EPA official to 32 months in prison for stealing taxpayer money, and the Sister Wives cast's lawsuit invalidated parts of...
Rick Paulas