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energy insecurity

The Cost of High Utility Bills Is Mental Health

A new study on energy insecurity looks at the impact of utility bills on low income families' mental and emotional health.
Diana Tourjée

California Passes Bill to Give Low-Income Families Money for Diapers

California could soon become the first state to provide diaper expense subsidies to poor families. A policy expert explains why more subsidies like this are needed.
Candace Bryan
san francisco

How Pizza Is Fighting Hunger in a San Francisco Food Desert

Bayview's Craftsman and Wolves has implemented a pay-it-forward system for customers to purchase slices for someone in need. Every pre-purchased slice is represented by a Post-it note that gets placed on a wall of the shop, then redeemed by someone who...
Natalie B. Compton

A Canadian Telecom Is Limiting a Free WiFi Program For Low-Income Families

Closing the digital divide isn't profitable.
Jordan Pearson
The VICE Guide to Right Now

A New Study Says if You Were a Premature Baby You're More Likely to Be a Poor Adult

Among other things, they're more likely to be virgins well into their thirties.
Mike Pearl

Putting Health Food in Food Deserts Doesn’t Change People's Buying Habits

A team of researchers from Drexel supplied two East Los Angeles corner stores with improved shelving, training, and social media marketing, as well as more fruits and vegetables. Sadly, they did not get the results they hoped for.
Nick Rose

Why Single Women Are More Powerful in America Than Ever Before

Writer Rebecca Traister's soon-to-be-seminal book explores the role of unmarried women in America, analyzing how when the number of single women in America rises, direct social change occurs.
Victoria Namkung
Children’s health

Kids Who Eat Healthy Still Really Love Junk Food

A team of researchers Ohio State University is questioning some of the most basic assumptions about children and junk food.
Nick Rose
Los Angeles

The Man Who Gave LA's Students Free Dinners May Also Have Embezzled Millions

David Binkle increased food access for tens of thousands of low-income students in LA. But unfortunately, he also blew millions of the school district's dollars in questionable ways.
Javier Cabral
food stamps

Wisconsin Doesn't Want Its Food Stamp Recipients to Buy Shrimp or Drugs

Republican lawmakers in Wisconsin are pushing a pair of bills that would restrict food stamp recipients' access to "junk" foods like shellfish—that is, if they can pass the drug tests first.
Munchies Staff