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Mariah Carey's 'Obsessed' Is the Real Song of the Summer, Thanks to TikTok

Ten years later, the #ObsessedChallenge is breathing new life into the Mariah Carey classic.
Kristin Corry
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Woman Asked for a Mariah Carey Birthday Cake, Got Marie Curie Instead

“All I want for Christmas is u(ranium).”
Jelisa Castrodale
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New Lawsuit Claims Mariah Carey's Former Assistant Was Urinated On at Work

Buzzfeed News obtained this new suit this week. It was filed in response to a suit from Carey that claimed her assistant Lianna Shakhnazaryan was attempting to extort her.
Kristin Corry
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Listen to Ariana Grande's Sultry New Single, "imagine"

The second single from "Thank U, Next" has Grande working out her voice and channeling Mariah Carey.
Alex Robert Ross

I Will Not Tolerate Mariah Carey Slander from Perez Hilton or Anyone Else

After the release of her 15th studio album "Caution," fans were discussing Mariah Carey's "pop" roots despite her legacy of R&B hits ingrained in Black music.
Danielle Kwateng-Clark

The Guide to Getting into Mariah Carey, Pop Original

Mariah Carey brought hip-hop to a pop audience not out of necessity, but because it was a part of her identity.
Kristin Corry
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Stream of the Crop: 11 New Albums for Heavy Rotation

New albums from Anderson .Paak, Ryley Walker, and Mariah Carey top this week's list.
Noisey Staff

A Brief List of Mariah Carey's Most Underrated Bangers

Yes, she wrote a Christmas banger, but these cuts show that Mariah deserves more credit for her lyricism, harmony, and genre-play.
Jeffrey Ingold
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Mariah Carey's Albums and Jim Carrey's Movies, Ranked

Finally, the two artists' bodies of work in one official ranking.
Noisey Staff
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Mariah Carey Opens Up About Being Bipolar, Helping to Fight a Dangerous Stigma

"It sends a great message that says, ‘Wow, not only can I persevere and be resilient, but also it’s OK for me to talk about it. I don’t have to hide anymore.'"
Kimberly Lawson
Noisey News

Mariah Carey Speaks On Her Experience with Bipolar Disorder

In a new interview with 'People,' Mariah opens up about the condition, which she was first diagnosed with in 2001.
Lauren O'Neill
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Mariah Carey Returned to Times Square and Everything Was Fine

After last year's magnificent disaster of a set, the diva's Rockin' Eve do-over was flawless.
Alex Robert Ross