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Please Not the Shack: How M.A.S.H. Came to Predict Our Uncertain Futures

Everyone remembers spending time at sleepovers and between classes trying to divine their destiny through the acronymic game—but most fail to realize it's an age-old method of sublimating our existential dread as helpless children.
Gabby Bess

Revisiting "Paper Lion," the Greatest Movie Ever Made About NFL Preseason

In 1963, George Plimpton went to training camp with the Detroit Lions and wrote a book about it. In 1967, with Alan Alda subbed for Plimpton, it became a movie.
Tom Keiser

Meet the Regulars at One of London’s Oldest Pie and Mash Shops

F. Cooke pie shop in London has been serving homemade pie, mash, and parsley liquor for generations. “Loads of customers still come in a few days a week,” says owner Joseph Cooke. “We have some in their 90s.”
Maya Oppenheim

This Entire Town Has Smelled Like Sweet Potatoes for Weeks

For the residents of a small North Carolina town, it’s looking like the smell of the holidays will carry on from Thanksgiving right through to Christmas.
Nick Rose
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PREMIERE: Morality Crisis's "Mash" Will Pound Your Bones to Dust

Progressive, sludgey, and never boring.
John Hill

The Hollywood Show Is For Old, Washed-Up Celebrities

The weekend-long expo allows nostalgic movie buffs to meet some people from M.A.S.H. (the movie, not the TV show) and the Soup Guy from Seinfeld, among others—all for $20. It's the deal of the century, if you're totally lame.
Megan Koester