The March Madness of Fast Food

After spending several days sprawled out watching men on TV throw a ball at a hole in an effort not to get eliminated from a competition, I decided to subject the glorious fast food restaurants of America to a similar contest. I seeded 64 of our most...


Two Drunk Dudes Arrested for Riding a Couch to a McDonald's Drive-Thru

The driver of the ATV left his buddies behind and led police on a high speed chase—couch in tow—that ended on a frozen lake.


Man Who Downloaded Kiddie Porn Using McDonald's Wi-Fi Convicted

Police ended up finding more than 50 sexually explicit and illegal photos on his laptop.


Japan Is Completely Obsessed with This Remix of the McDonald’s Deep Fryer Jingle

In Japan, a land of where obsessive admiration and irony are sometimes indistinguishable to outsiders, the three-note song that marks the completion of French fries is the stuff of obsession.


This Country Has the Priciest Big Macs in the World

Stingy McDonald's fans take note.


McDonald's Opens in Its Most Controversial Location Yet: Vatican City

Last week, McDonald’s set up shop within a stone’s throw of the home of the Catholic Church in Vatican-owned property, and not everyone is lovin’ it.


McDonald's Didn't Notice How NSFW Its New Holiday Cup Can Be, But the Internet Did

Is it meant to to be a pair of ivory mittens playfully catching a glistening snowflake, a middle-aged man about to begrudgingly get his prostate examined, or just a wee bit of regular old sexual conquest?


Here's What Happens When You Hack the Radio Frequency of a McDonald's Drive-Thru Intercom

Things get weird, as evidenced by a recent incident in North Carolina.


A Very Brief History of the Battle Between Fast-Food Workers and Police

Name tag-wearing fast-food vigilantes use whatever they have on hand—condiments, a mouthful of spit, and their own restaurant’s speakers—to carry out their own brand of justice.


Get Ready to Tip Your Waiter at McDonald's

Yes, you're soon going to have a waiter at McDonald's.


Sit Down, Sriracha—We Need to Talk

Two sriracha-related news stories out this week could mark the final nails in the spicy coffin of the maniacal trendiness surrounding this beloved condiment.