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‘BoJack Horseman’ Predicted the Return of Shitty Men Post-#MeToo

The show was written in the summer of 2017. After Harvey Weinstein's exposé, the writers only had to change one line.


The Best Jesus Movies on Netflix to Watch Over Easter

Because there are more movies about Jesus on Netflix than the Easter Bunny.


When Famous Men Are Caught Saying Gross Things on Tape

It's not surprising that famous men are often heinous, but it's a little strange that they keep putting themselves in situations where they prove it on record.


This 'Mad Max' Supercut Gets You So Close You Can Smell the Exhaust

Get in the crosshairs of the original trilogy with Rishi Kaneria's 'Driving & Dying: Point-Of-View Shots In Mad Max.'


Australian Feta Tastes Like a Young Mel Gibson's Sweaty Chest

There's a certain Australian feta cheese that's stirring up addiction in the cheese world. Upon first bite—a high if you will—you will always strive to find again, like a shirtless Mel Gibson pre The Man Without a Face.


There's a Museum in the Australian Outback Dedicated to Mad Max

Adrian Bennett moved his entire life and his whole family to the a town in Australia with less than 100 people just to open a museum dedicated to Mad Max 2, better known in America as The Road Warrior. I asked him what the hell he was...


What the Fuck Is Going on in 'The Expendables 3'?

The stars of the Expendables franchise are "too old for this shit," and frankly so are we. We're too old to be watching a movie this lame.


Let's Start Banning More Rich Racists

Don't stop with Donald Sterling. Let's ban way more shitty, powerful people from working, earning obscene sums of money, and getting to be shitty and powerful with impunity. Perhaps Mel Gibson?


Go See Nitehawk's Screening of 'Mad Max' Tonight

George Miller’s Mad Max is one of the most successful examples of genres being crossbred to make a completely new and ferocious kind of film. Come watch it tonight at Nitehawk Cinemas in Brooklyn, New York.


What’s Happening with Nicolas Cage’s Face

Nicolas Cage likes to lure his victims into a small basement apartment where he pretends to be lonely and appreciative of their company and insists they stay. Once they’ve fallen asleep, he unhinges his jaw and his mouth grows 40 inches in diameter...


Creators Remix Roundup: Nick Zinner, Antonio Pinto, And Jamie xx

Nick Zinner chews up, a preview from the new Antonio Pinto-scored film Get The Gringo, and SKuFL gets down with Jamie xx.