Migrant detention


Hundreds of Migrant Kids in Government Shelters Are Put on Psychotropic Drugs, Says Watchdog Report

Many of the children appear to have been medicated without their parents’ consent.


This Is Who Sells Those Crappy Shampoo Packets AOC Found in Migrant Detention

The Bob Barker Company was once accused of profiting off sweatshop labor, among other strange and disturbing episodes in its past.


Booker Says He’d Close All “Inhumane” Detention Centers on Day One of His Presidency

"When kids are being stripped away from their parents and held in cages, I will not wait for Congress to solve this crisis."


Wayfair Is Profiting from Immigration Detention, So I'm Walking Out

Honestly, we did not think this would go all across the internet.


A New Documentary Takes Us Inside Australia’s Refugee Detainment Camps

This is what 'The Pacific Solution' looks like.


Canada's Incarceration of Migrants Is 'Cruel and Inhuman,' New Report Says

The University of Toronto's report focuses on the mental health implications of detaining migrants in jail, arguing that even incarceration for a short period of time creates or exacerbates the problem.


British and American Immigrant Detainees Are Going on Hunger Strikes for the Same Rights

A culture of criminalization increasingly shapes migrant life on both sides of the Atlantic.