Interstellar Mold Is Becoming a Problem for Space Travel

Fungal spores can survive the radiation of a trip to Mars, potentially posing health risks to astronauts.
Madeleine Gregory

Roquefort’s Romantic Origin Story Might Be a Sham

Legend says that a boy was eating cheese in a cave, and he left to pursue a girl. When he came back, the cheese was blue.
Bettina Makalintal
food safety

Theresa May's Official Stance on Moldy Jam: Just Scrape It Off, Who Cares

With many Brits stockpiling food ahead of Brexit, this advice could come in handy soon.
Jelisa Castrodale

I Tried To Figure Out If A Controversial Illness Was “Real” or Not

It can be harmful to your health to be told that what’s taking place in your body is a mystery.
Shayla Love

Help Us Identify This Extremely Moldy Food (?) Found in an Airbnb Microwave

It's the worst thing I've ever seen!!!
Mayukh Sen
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How Nasty Is it to Never Clean Your Toilet?

That moldy ring means it's been at least three weeks.
Ryan Brown
You're Smarter Than That

We Don’t Need to Freak Out About ‘Toxic Mold' After a Hurricane

The final word on the mythical monster.
Farah Naz Khan
Doctor's Note

Advice for Houston From a Doctor Who Treated Katrina Survivors

Texans will face more than mold after the floodwaters recede.
Corey Hebert, MD
Organ Donation

Should Patients Be Denied Organ Transplants for Using Medical Marijuana?

Maine is reviewing the law.
Nick Keppler
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How Bad is it to Eat Expired Food if it Still Smells Okay?

That expiration date isn't the boss of you.
Kristen Dold

Greece Rejected Gucci’s Request to Throw a Fashion Show Inside the Parthenon | Last Week in Art

Also in the news last week: a Boston art heist and an Anish Kapoor is set to come to Brooklyn.
Nathaniel Ainley
Stinky tofu

Hairy, Stinky Tofu Is the Stuff of Smelly Dreams

I went to Kunming, in China’s southwestern Yunnan province, to find the city's famous version of stinky tofu, which turns deliciously sour and moldy after a few days' rest. But don't believe the haters, because stinky tofu doesn’t taste like farts.
Brent Crane