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Delta Tied a Woman with MS to a Wheelchair After Her Flight, Son Claims

An airline employee allegedly told her to "shut the fuck up" when she started crying.
Drew Schwartz
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People Are Going to Russia, of All Places, for Medical Care

Millennials diagnosed with MS have found a more progressive treatment and community halfway across the globe.
April Johnson
Trading Places

What Happens When a Kid Becomes a Caregiver

"It didn't occur to me that I was taking on these roles. I just did them because I loved her."
Erene Stergiopoulos

Watch: Terminally Ill Serbians Are Risking Jail Time to Get Medicinal Cannabis Oil

VICE Serbia meets terminally ill patients who swear by the potent treatment, despite being illegal to use and extremely expensive to get.
VICE Staff

The Artists Explaining Their Multiple Sclerosis Through Art

Artists Kirsty Stevens and Hannah Laycock tackle the knowledge gap that surrounds MS by creating art that is tangible and accessible.
David Whelan

Canada's New Science Minister Supports a Widely Debunked Medical Treatment

A condition called CCSVI, and the therapy proposed to treat it, are according to many internationally-recognized MS researchers without scientific merit
Paul Tadich

West Philly's Herbal Medicine Man Makes Edible Magic

West Philadelphia isn’t known as a mecca for shamans and mystics, but that's where I went in search of a medicine man who mixes secret blends of herbs into healing concoctions he sells in old whiskey bottles.
Ada Kulesza

Canada's Medical Marijuana Program Is Hurting Patients

We chat with a bunch of people who are unable to get reliable and affordable access to cannabis medications in Canada. Then we take some of them to Mega Ill, Canada's first medical-marijuana-infused pizza parlor.
Damian Abraham