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Canada’s New National Alert System Failed Spectacularly During Its First Test

Alerts didn’t make it to mobile devices in Quebec and Ontario.
Jordan Pearson

Who Cares About National Coffee Day When It’s National Poisoned Blackberries Day

Forget coffee. Today is a day of remembrance for something far more important: when the Devil himself pissed all over Scotland's entire blackberry supply. Today is National Poisoned Blackberries Day.
Munchies Staff

Israel's National Altcoin Is Already a Hit (For Now)

Can a "business credit" roll-out phase keep Isracoin growing and stable?
Daniel Stuckey

The National's Matt Berninger and His Brother Taught Me How to Be a Brother

The band's documentary, 'Mistaken for Strangers', is out now.
River Donaghey
Motherboard Blog

The NSA Director Asked Hackers for Advice, But Left a Lot Unanswered

Got advice for the NSA? Send it to
Daniel Stuckey
Motherboard Blog

Drug Cartels Are Growing Tons of Weed Inside the U.S.

It's official. And real messy.
Brian Anderson
Question Of The Day

Question of the Day - Who Would Win in a Fist Fight, Obama or Romney?

We asked some dweebs at a Rock the Vote event that was taking place during the Republican National Convention. Not surpassingly, the crowd at the Rock the Vote event favored the lanky liberal with the long arms.
Kyle Kramer

My Rap Tumblr Got Me Kicked Out of an RNC Event

They told me that “..the background checks are just a precaution.” A precaution from what, nerdy white music journalists from Chicago?
Kyle Kramer