The Four Most Infamous Heists of All Time

On the surveillance tapes, it looks like they’re having fun. Two attractive young women smiling and laughing behind oversized sunglasses, they could easily be buying cigarettes or gum.
James Borrowdale
The Score

Reservation Rap Trailer

In episode 1 of The Score, we delve into Minnesota's Native American hip hop scene, where members of the Ojibwe tribe are fusing stories of struggle and indigenous consciousness to create a unique sound and a wholly modern native identity.
VICE Staff

Ben Sims Doesn’t Trust DJs Who Can’t Dance

"If you've never lost yourself on the floor then frankly, you shouldn't be up there."
Rachael D’Amore

Why Native Headdresses No Longer Belong at Music Festivals

And several reasons why Canadian music festival Bass Coast is leading the change.
Zack Rota

Checking in on the Chemical Valley

Time for Another Depression Session
Patrick McGuire

The Canadian Government Is Withholding Documents Concerning the Torture of Children

Despite numerous testimonies stating that children who attended St. Anne's residential "Indian" school were sexually abused and sat in an electric chair, the Canadian government refuses to release 7,000 pages of investigative documents that seemingly...
Dave Dean

Discovering Native Culture in a Sweat Lodge

I have a funny relationship with my own culture in that I feel like a tourist in it. I was raised in complete seclusion from my Aboriginal background. So, now that I’m in my early 20s, it’s become a goal of mine to immerse myself in the culture that I...
Nigel Irwin
The Natives Issue

Welcome To Native Land

This entire issue of VICE was made on native territory, in different, equally remote parts of the world. The first was made in Sápmi, the ancient Saami territory. The second half was made in Browning, the Blackfeet Indian reservation in northwestern...
VICE Staff