Native women

Native Women Honor Those Lost to Violence Through Art

Indigenous women are murdered, kidnapped, and trafficked at alarmingly high rates. In a new exhibit, 18 Native artists address the crisis and celebrate resilience.
Sheila Regan
Rise Up

Native American Women Have Been Saying a Lot More Than #MeToo for Years

Four-in-five Native American women will experience domestic violence, and unjust laws prevent even more from getting justice.
Emily Weitz
Rise Up

For Native Americans, Fall Can Be a Painful Reminder of the Past and Struggles of Today

Fall traditions like Columbus Day, headdress Halloween costumes, and sports mascots like the Redskins can bring out strong feelings, and harsh reminders.
Emily Weitz

The Four Most Infamous Heists of All Time

On the surveillance tapes, it looks like they’re having fun. Two attractive young women smiling and laughing behind oversized sunglasses, they could easily be buying cigarettes or gum.
James Borrowdale
Impact Water

The Navajo Nation Can't Go It Alone in Their Struggle for Clean Water

Activists felt the defeat in Trump’s allowance of the Dakota Access pipeline, but there’s another fight to be won in the American southwest.
Madeline Moitozo

The Young Native Women Fighting to Protect Each Other When No One Else Will

VICELAND's show RISE travels to Indigenous communities across the Americas to meet people protecting their homelands and rising up against colonization.
Lili Emtiaz
Drink Me

Australia's Bush Is Coming to Your Cocktail

It’s a blind taste test and you have to identify coriander, mint, thyme and basil. Easy, right? But what if the lineup included pepperberry, akudjura, wattleseed and boobialla? These unique native botanicals are putting Australian liquor on the top...
Jessica Thompson
The Score

Reservation Rap Trailer

In episode 1 of The Score, we delve into Minnesota's Native American hip hop scene, where members of the Ojibwe tribe are fusing stories of struggle and indigenous consciousness to create a unique sound and a wholly modern native identity.
VICE Staff

MUNCHIES Presents: Cooking Polar Bear Meat and Caribou Head in the North

Inuk resident Angela Hovak Johnston teaches her son how to cook polar bear meat along with other traditional country food dishes such as caribou heart soup and caribou head.
Munchies Staff

Ben Sims Doesn’t Trust DJs Who Can’t Dance

"If you've never lost yourself on the floor then frankly, you shouldn't be up there."
Rachael D’Amore

Maiden's Blush Recipe

This refreshing cocktail uses Maidenii Sweet Vermouth, which is made with fruit and botanicals such as partially-fermented cabernet grapes, grapefruit, mace, and angelica root.
Shaun Byrne

Samphire Martini Recipe

This cocktail from Kangaroo Island Spirits uses samphire, a knobbly, salty native succulent that can be found growing in mudflats and estuaries in Australia.
Jon Lark