Nelson Mandela

The Truth and Lies Issue

How the 'Mandela Effect' Theory of False Memories Took Over the Internet

Have you misremembered the spellings of childhood favorites like 'The Berenstain Bears,' Froot Loops, and Jif peanut butter? This theory explains why.
Roisin Kiberd
The VICE Guide to Right Now Podcast

Johannesburg's Young Black Artists Are Shaping the Future They Want

We talked to Noisey's Lawrence Burney about South Africa's up-and-coming music scene.
VICE Staff

Artists Preserve Nelson Mandela's Legacy with 95 Unique Posters

From boxer to president, Mandela's life is celebrated through graphic design.
Jenny Hart

The Many Tongues of Trevor Noah

South African comedian Trevor Noah is the new host of 'The Daily Show' and the new person everyone has to have an opinion about.
Gemma Sieff

Revealed: The Headlines You'll Be Reading in 2015

Here's how the annual glut of anniversary features will pan out this year.
Oscar Rickett

We Met the World's Leading Authority on Bootleg Bart Simpson T-Shirts

A UK man is creating an online archive with all the best unauthorized Bart shirts. His collection includes Bart smoking weed, Bart hanging out with LL Cool J, and Bart fighting in the Gulf War.
Dave Schilling

What Celebrity Do These Wax Statues Actually Look Like?

I figured the best way to identify the waxworks was to run the images through one of those celebrity lookalike websites, but unfortunately the technology isn’t quite as advanced as I’d expected.
Elektra Kotsoni

Meet Mari Malek, Refugee Turned Supermodel

We talked to several South Sudanese-American artists about how they went from refugee camps in Africa to runway shows and Kanye West videos in Manhattan.
Zach Sokol

What a Weird Freak Scene the South African Election Trail Is

Populist insurgent Julius Malema is trying to become a pop-culture icon akin to China's Mao, complete with a cottage industry promoting his image. But with no actual support from the voting populace, being plastered on an ironic propaganda T-shirt is...
Gavin Haynes

Growing Up in Apartheid-Era South Africa

Three decades ago, my mother immigrated from South Africa, her home, to America because of Apartheid. This week, I sat down with my mother, Chryl Resnick, to talk about growing up in Apartheid-era South Africa, sneaking into townships, and why Mandela...
Gideon Resnick
This Week in Racism

The Most Racist Comments About Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela lived as a symbol of the struggle for racial equality, and dedicated his existence to fighting for a more just world. His death has brought up all the old issues that surrounded the South African apartheid system.
Dave Schilling

Everything You Need to Know About the Life of Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela has left the planet. It is, at the time of writing, slightly more raw than the long-rehearsed curtains-down on 95 years ought to be. To South Africans like me, he has long been the man who held up the sky. Who will hold it up now?
Gavin Haynes