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Watch a Speedrunner Break the ‘Super Mario Bros.’ World Record

Speedrunner Kosmicd12 used old and new glitches to trim precious milliseconds off the game’s world record.
Matthew Gault

Wow, Nintendo Has Already Discontinued the NES Classic

If you haven't bought one yet, you might not get a chance.
Patrick Klepek

This NES Mines Bitcoin

Mario isn’t the only one getting coins.
Jordan Pearson
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Meet one of Nintendo's original Power Line counselors

The team started with just six people and grew to close to 400, he told VICE News.
Dexter Thomas

The Best NES Games Not Included in the 'Classic Edition'

Nintendo’s new little cutie carries a lot of essentials, but not all of them.
Zack Kotzer

Nintendo’s NES Mini Is the Same as the Old NES, So It’s Great

Why go forward when you can celebrate some of the best games of all time, and immediately top the Christmas Lists of 30-somethings everywhere?
Mike Diver

'Doom' Exists Because of a Silly Port of 'Super Mario 3'

Looks like Mario got a little stubbier for his PC debut.
Clinton Nguyen
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Meet the Guy Who Tried to Collect All 687 Official NES Games in 30 Days

Guys like old video games, we get it—so what separates 'Nintendo Quest' from any other story about retro obsessives? We spoke to its makers.
Mike Diver
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'Back to the Future' Was Cool, but 1985 Was an Amazing Year for Video Games

The beginning of the console wars, the release of the original "Super Mario Bros.," home computing changing forever with the Amiga. 1985 was big.
Mike Diver
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We Asked VICE’s Interns What They Thought of Video Games Released Before They Were Born

The Analogue Nt plays original NES and Famicom games in glorious HD. We plonked one in front of young people to see what they thought of it.
Mike Diver
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‘Castlevania’ Is the Game That Made Me an eBay Addict

The quest for Konami's NES classic kicked off my retro gaming addiction.
Dave Cook