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ZAYN Finally Leans Into His Potential on "Entertainer"

The new track, from his as-yet-untitled second album, feels like a subtle arrival for someone who hadn't quite nailed down his sound.
Lauren O'Neill
Noisey News

Harry Styles’ Life Is Going to Be... an American Sitcom

The CBS show, which now has a trailer, is an interesting move for someone who says nothing at all.
Lauren O'Neill
Noisey News

Zayn Dishes On "Let Me" and His Upcoming Album in a New Interview

The ex-One Direction called up Beats1 earlier today for a catch up.
Lauren O'Neill
New music

Zayn's New Song "Let Me" Is a Reminder That, Folks, He Fucks

The new track, "Let Me," is a love song which showcases his formidable vocals.
Lauren O'Neill
Love and Understanding

The Reason Behind Liam Payne's Early Midlife Crisis

We urge you to forgive the former One Direction singer of his sins.
Lauren O'Neill

Louis Tomlinson Would Like to Know Where the Fuck All the Bands Are, Please

Upon surveying this year's Coachella lineup, the former One Direction singer demanded to know where the bands had gone. Someone please tell him where the bands have gone.
Alex Robert Ross

Supermarket Bans Sale of Kiwis After Harry Styles Slips On Stage

The ban will only affect those under the age of 25.
Nick Rose
Internet Exploring

A Play-By-Play of Harry Styles Stumbling on a Kiwi During His Song "Kiwi"

If it had been in New Zealand, then the trinity would have been complete.
Phil Witmer
Fandom Week

Quit Making Fun of Teen Girl Fans, They Probably Think You’re Lame

Here’s what fangirls think about you, you boring old bastards.
Hannah Ewens
Fandom Week

Meet the Fans Who Love to Tweet “I Hate Y’All” at Their Faves

"When I call you guys fuckers it's my way of expressing love OK?"
Marianne Eloise
Noisey News

Harry Styles Covered Fleetwood Mac, Wants You to Know He's a Real Rockstar

He gave his best "The Chain" for BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge Month.
Lauren O'Neill

'Backstreet Boys' Is The Greatest Boy Band Album of All Time

No arguments, please!!!!!
Sarah MacDonald