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What's Next for the Indie Horror Movie Wave

Films like 'Get Out' and 'It Comes at Night' have been getting a lot of love, and even some awards buzz, so we asked a horror film programmer what’s going on with the genre.


What Almost Every Outbreak Story Gets Wrong

If the story of Gaëtan Dugas as Patient Zero was scientifically inaccurate, why did it persist for so long?


How One Young, Gay Man Was Wrongfully Blamed for Bringing AIDS to the US

Gaetan Dugas, widely known as AIDS' "Patient Zero" was trying to be helpful when he provided a list of his past sex partners to the CDC. Instead, he was incorrectly maligned as a sociopathic deviant who knowingly infected countless people with the...


Nurses Voice Concerns Over Hospital Preparedness as US Responds to Ebola Patient

Health officials are working to ensure that patient zero is the only Ebola patient in the US, but questions remain about gaps in our healthcare system for handling outbreaks.