Performance Art


Ana Mendieta Fought for Women's Rights and Paid with Blood

The fearless artist was outspoken about issues like campus rape and domestic violence when they were still taboo.
Miss Rosen

A Bloody Guerrilla Street Performance Challenges Brazil's Racist Past

Artists took to the streets of São Paulo to speak out against violence and racism directed at Brazil's black and non-white citizens.
Bruno Costa
The VICE Guide to Right Now

A Mysterious Woman Mailed $105,000 in Stolen Art Back to a Museum

The cops are hoping to get in touch with her to find out how the work was jacked in the first place.
Drew Schwartz
Garage Magazine

Geumhyung Jeong's Uncanny Performance Pries Sex from Machinery

Geumhyung Jeong’s bewitching performance about the female body and the boundaries between human and machine took on added eerie appeal in Tate Modern's Tanks.
Ellen Mara De Wachter
Performance Art

[NSFW] Nude Performance Artist Planks in Philosophical Self-Portraits

Chiara Mazzocchi’s nude artworks are anything but personal.
Andrew Nunes
Performance Art

Meteorology Meets Fortune Telling at the "Weather Center for the Apocalypse"

Amelia Marzec parses the internet and religious groups to report the latest end-of-the-world news.
Andrew Salomone

'Just Kids' Inspired This Experimental Dance Performance

Interpretive dance inspired by Robert Mapplethorpe, butterflies, and LCD Soundsystem comes to the Edinburgh Fringe.
Kara Weisenstein
Creators: NSFW

[NSFW] Fetish Couture and Surgical Collage Are This Dominatrix's Mediums

Maidenfed's original GIFs and photographic collage are among the featured works in our NFSW show at the Museum of Sex.
Nathaniel Ainley
activist art

Troops in Riot Gear Deliver a Hidden Message in Venice

Anti-war performance art invades the Venice Biennale.
DJ Pangburn
Performance Art

Artist Figured Out How To Control Water With Her Mind

An EEG, a few speakers, and some metal plates filled with water compose the artist's brain wave-bending installations.
Beckett Mufson
climate change

Aquatic Climate Change Performance Art Takes Over Times Square

With Trump's withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord, 'Holoscenes' is a chilling intervention many hope is fiction, not forecast.
Kara Weisenstein
music video

Watch this Electronic Music Video Where Crop Circles Morph Into Craggy Peaks

Clark’s song, "Peak Magnetic," showcases a haunting butterfly effect.
Diana Shi