All the Ways I Failed at Rehab, and What Finally Worked

Relapse is a part of recovery, and did I ever learn that the hard way.
Emily J. Sullivan
2 days ago
What I Want to Tell You About Heroin

My Heroin Rehab Diary

"I am tired of the putrid stench of sweat and the overwhelming compulsion to use, use, use because if I don’t, I will die."
Hannah Brooks
High Wire

Labeling People Video Game 'Addicts' Could Be a Massive Mistake

If the cure looks anything like "solutions" to drug addiction, this could get ugly.
Maia Szalavitz

Confessions of a Heroin Addict

In this new series, writer Hannah Brooks reflects on addiction, recovery, and relapse.
Hannah Brooks

The Former Home of Heroin Has Become a Luxury Rehab Hub

Chiang Mai used to be at the center of the Golden Triangle; now, it's full of facilities offering $10,000 rehab packages.
Robyn Wilson

What Happened When a Writer Who Idolized Drunk Authors Got Sober

In her new book 'The Recovering,' Leslie Jamison explores the roots of her own struggle with alcohol addiction and her concerns about quitting.
Maia Szalavitz
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LA Prosecutors Have More Evidence Than Ever Against Harvey Weinstein

The LAPD submitted three new alleged sexual assault cases to the district attorney's office, bringing the total number under review to five.
Drew Schwartz

A Glitch in the Law Is Trapping Drunk Drivers in Jail Without Treatment

More than 170 people with DWI sentences of two years or more are serving their time in North Carolina jails with little or no access to help—or sunshine.
Joseph Neff
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Harvey Weinstein Is Getting Slapped in Restaurants Now

A man backhanded the disgraced Hollywood mogul in Arizona while his friend filmed the run-in.
Drew Schwartz
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Harvey Weinstein Is Reportedly Treating Rehab Like a Joke

The disgraced mogul is allegedly dozing off and taking calls during group therapy sessions, and insisting "all the encounters were consensual."
Drew Schwartz
Inside Outsider

Four Sex Addicts on the Spiral That Led Them to Rehab

"I would go to four or five brothels a week, sometimes seeing multiple girls at each brothel. I stopped working out and seeing my friends."
Mahmood Fazal

Recovering Drug Addicts Tell Us What It Took to Quit

"Being sober has been amazing, but there are some scary parts, too."
Caroline Thompson