Remote Control


A History of the Universal Remote: Never Great, Better Than Nothing

The universal remote control, love it or hate it, made our lives just a little bit simpler starting in the 80s. It’s not as good as it could be. That’s OK.


Listen to Our Features Editor Talk About Tech and US-Mexico Border Smuggling

Brian Anderson recently appeared on The Leonard Lopate Show to talk about our series, BORDER LINES.


Radio Motherboard: Burner Phones in the Borderlands

An undocumented migrant tells us about trying to cross the US-Mexico border remotely, with smugglers guiding him over the phone.


How Mexican Immigrants Are Using Burner Phones to Evade Border Patrol

The business of burner phones is booming on the US-Mexico border, but it's hard to tell who's actually benefiting.


This Is What Illegally Crossing the US-Mexico Border Four Times Looks Like

No two border crossings are alike.


We Met a Sinaloa Cartel Boss and One of His Human Traffickers

Comanche and Juan are almost invisible, which seems to be the point.


Burner Phones in the Borderlands: A Glossary

A handy guide to the vocabulary of human trafficking.


Remote Control

A Motherboard investigation on burner phones and human smuggling in the US-Mexico borderlands.


Is Drone Racing the High-Speed Sport of the Future?

The Drone Racing League is betting that flying robot races are the next big thing.


You Can Now Buy the Rolling Droid from 'Star Wars VII'

BB-8, the next generation's R2-D2, fits in the palm of your hand.


Introducing: The Magnetic Levitating Lamp

Jazz up your home with the magnetic magic of Elivatix’s LUNALUXX lamp.


This DIY Star Wars Speeder Bike Quadcopter Changes Everything

Let Adam Woolworth teach you how to make the flying, first person camera-enabled 74-Z Speeder Bike you always wanted.