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The Twisted History of Hallucinogenic Fish

On an all new episode of 'Hamilton's Pharmacopeia', we head to Reunion Island and Madagascar to investigate a rare kind of food poisoning contracted by eating fish.
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Hamilton Samples Some Intoxicating Fish Brains in Madagascar

On this episode of 'Hamilton's Pharmacopeia,' Hamilton embeds with a few local fishermen to taste a species of fish fabled to get you high and mess with your dreams.
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Risen From Réunion: Dimitri Payet's Winding Journey to the Top

Part of the magic of football is that the route to the top is a magnificently inexact science. Dimitri Payet is now firmly established as one of Europe's most gifted players, but his rise to international success was neither simple nor fast.
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We Went to the Island of the Sharks: Part 2

Reunion Island residents are taking shark research and attack-prevention measures into their own hands, an attempt at a more symbiotic relationship.
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Looks Like that Plane Debris Is Definitely from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Debris discovered on an island in the Indian Ocean earlier this year is from the missing Boeing 777.
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We Asked an Expert How the Debris Found on Reunion Island Might Help Locate MH370

He's hopeful that more debris will wash up in different places, giving authorities a better chance at backtracking to the crash site.
Julian Morgans
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Could This Plane Debris Found in the Indian Ocean Be from Flight MH370?

A piece of what might be the airplane's wing just washed ashore Réunion island in the Indian Ocean.
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