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The Cheapskate's Guide to Maxing Out Credit Card Rewards

Credit card companies are quietly lowering signup bonuses and eliminating perks. Here’s everything you need to know about the changes so you can keep the freebies coming without spending a fortune.
Jenny Hart

Don’t Buy This: Stop Paying an Annual Fee for Your Rewards Credit Card

It may seem like there's always a catch when it comes to cashing in your credit card rewards, but some cards actually give you cash back and other perks at no cost to you—no strings attached.
Gina Ragusa
money brain

What Citi Bike Taught Me About Sticking to Good Habits

Tangible rewards are the key to staying motivated. Fun, a feeling of accomplishment, and money all do the trick for me.
Anita Hamilton
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How to Choose a Credit Card That Fits Your Lifestyle

Pick a card based on your personal shopping habits and credit history to earn the most rewards and raise your credit score.
Raj Chander

A Hooters Franchisee Announced a 'Cryptocurrency Rewards Program' and Its Stock Skyrocketed

Time to pivot to cryptocurrency, baby!
Mayukh Sen

Science Says Pizza Can Make You More Productive at Work

A study carried out on workers making computer chips found that pizza and compliments from the boss were the main motivators for increased productivity.
Daisy Meager

Long Plagued by Glitches and Hacks, Uber Launches Bug Bounty Program

The company joins a long list of tech giants who reward friendly hackers.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

This Porn Site Operator Issued a Bounty for Helping Catch the 'Fappening' Leaker

We caught up with Mike Kulich of, to find out what burns him up so much about leaked celebrity nudes, and to learn how to collect this reward. Turns out he's got a thing for consent.
Mitchell Sunderland