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RJD2 Writes Passionate Rejection of Trend Followers, Embraces Artistic Rebels

The outspoken producer finds the advantages in everyone making the same music.
Britt Julious
Best of 2016

2016 In Focus: THUMP's 40 Best Electronic Music Photos of the Year

Our favourite images of the people, scenes, and events that made a lasting impact.
THUMP Canada Staff
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RJD2 Supports 1st Amendment, Says Newly-Elected Officials Should "Grow a Pair"

The producer asks if we'll know what a threat to our free speech will look like.
Britt Julious
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RJD2 Was Supposedly Almost Pulled from an American Airlines Flight Over a Bag of Records

The producer was evidently told: "if you say one more thing about this, I'm pulling you off of this flight."
Michael Scott Barron

RJD2 Gave Us a Guided Tour of His Columbus, Ohio Home Studio

Seven of his vintage synths and one that he built himself.
Emilie Friedlander
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Stream RJD2's New Philly Soul-Influenced Album 'Dame Fortune' Now

Hear the veteran American producer's latest record ahead of its March 25 release.
Benjamin Boles
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Listen to RJD2's Jazzy and Joyous New Track "The Sheboygan Left"

From the forthcoming album 'Dame Fortune' out on March 25.
Michael Scott Barron
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RJD2 Announces New Album, Hear Lead Single "Peace Of What" Now

"When I hear people talk of peace in America, the discrepancy between our words and our actions can get fatiguing."
Alexander Iadarola
VICE Premiere

VICE Exclusive: Watch RJD2 and STS's New Video for "Hold On, Here It Go"

It'll make you want to dance and eat some wings.
Charlie Ambler

Song Exploder: "Games You Can Win" by RJD2

Song Exploder and Ramble Jon Krohn break down the parts that make up behind RJD2's "Games You Can Win."
Hrishikesh Hirway

Converse Rubber Tracks Just Released Thousands of Free Audio Clips for Producers

RJD2, Com Truise, Body Language, Obey City, Jaw Jam, Figgy, and Shigeto have since put the samples to the test.
Ziad Ramley
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We Pre-Gamed With Paper Diamond

We bought some gear, smoked Sour Diesel with Zeds Dead's dads, and hung out backstage at Terminal 5.
VICE Thump