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It's So Hot That Some Streets Are Actually Melting

Welcome to another terrible summer.
River Donaghey

MIT Invented a Tool That Allows Driverless Cars to Navigate Rural Roads Without a Map

Mapping rural areas is a barrier to autonomous vehicles operating in those areas, but cars might not need maps at all.
Tracey Lindeman

'Lettuce Chess,' Today's Comic by Robin Vehrs

A passerby on a horse explains the rules of the road to a pair of cheapskates playing chess in the middle of the street.
Robin Vehrs
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Your Next Uber Driver Might Be a Robot

Later this month, Uber will randomly assign riders in Pittsburgh with one of its self-driving Volvo SUV prototypes.
VICE Staff

An Open Road, an Endless Drive | GIF Six-Pack

These GIFs will make you yearn for a summer road trip.
Beckett Mufson

Is it Right to Lose Your License Over a Joint You Smoked Days Ago?

Australian police test for drug traces that might be days old. They're not testing if the person is fit to drive.
Paul Gregoire
The Film That Made Me...

'Five Easy Pieces' Was the Film That Taught Me Misanthropy Was Hopeless

Jack Nicholson's performance as Bobby Dupea makes for a convincingly churlish asshole, and one I could recognize myself in.
Max Metzger
Vice Blog

New Zealanders Are Stealing the Car Keys of Tourists Who Drive Badly

The upswing in vigilante justice may be latent nationalism bubbling to the surface.
Tim Jesudason
food waste

Scientists Are Melting Road Ice with Vodka and Beet Juice

The government dumps millions of tons of salt on roads each year to make them safe for travel. But soon, they may be turning to vodka and borscht to help our highways—and the environment.
Hilary Pollack