sex offenders


When a Drug Conviction Lands You on the Sex-Offender Registry

A strange law in Kansas means a history of drug offenses gets people lumped in with a very different kind of criminal.
Maurice Chammah

The Sex Offender Registry Leaves Female Sex Offenders Open to Abuse

"It's harder to say, 'Well, I don't want to do this with you,' or 'I want to wait to have sex.' How do you assert a boundary when you have broken a law?"
Serena Solomon

Why the 'Pokémon Go' Ban on Sex Offenders Makes No Sense

Look at the research on sex offenders' recidivism, and you'll find little evidence of a Poké-predator problem.
Steven Yoder

The Faulty Test Used to Punish Sex Offenders

Penile plethysmography tests aren't always accurate, but failing one can be devastating for those forced to use them.
EJ Dickson

Inside the Florida Trailer Park for Convicted Sex Offenders

A new film shines light on one of the few places in America intended for sex criminals.
Allie Conti

Why Sex Criminals Get Locked Up Forever

Even after serving decades-long sentences, sex offenders are often held indefinitely in prison-like conditions—a situation that critics say is legally and ethically dubious.
Aviva Stahl

How My Tweets Led to Notorious Sex Offender Owen Labrie Going to Jail

The former St. Paul's student was out on bail after his conviction last summer. Then I ran into him on the train and got mixed up in his case in a way I could never have imagined.
Susan Zalkind

My Surreal Train Ride with One of New England's Most Notorious Sex Offenders

I watched Owen Labrie get convicted of statutory rape in the St. Paul's prep school trial in New Hampshire last summer. Then I bumped into him on the train.
Susan Zalkind
Life Inside

I Married a Sex Offender

What it's like to avoid schools, get hassled when you travel, and decide not to have children because of your partner's crime.
Gretchen as told to Beth Schwartzapfel

Congress Just Voted to Put a 'Scarlet Letter' on the Passports of Sex Offenders

The White House has not said whether President Obama plans to sign the bill, which critics argue would make it too difficult for people with sex crimes on their record to travel abroad.
Beth Schwartzapfel
The Crown and Sceptre Issue

Guam Will Allow Some Sex Offenders to Walk Free if They Agree to Chemical Castration

Critics see the Chemical Castration for Sex Offenders Act as a showy reaction to rape statistics.
Mark Hay

Working With Intellectually Disabled Sex Offenders Is Challenging, But Not How You’d Expect

"I don't really feel the need to defend my job, more to educate people on the realities of this group of people."
Anonymous, as told to Wendy Syfret