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Feds Take Down 'Violent' $20 Million Shoplifting Ring

Some of the group's 22 members allegedly almost ran over an Abercrombie & Fitch employee and knocked down a baby stroller during their decade-long crime spree.
Allie Conti

A Felt Artist Recreated the UK's Most Shoplifted Items

British artist Lucy Sparrow took a humorous look at the everyday criminal act of shoplifting.
Kevin Holmes
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Man Attempts to Conceal Seven-Foot Venetian Blind in His Clothes, Fails Impressively

A king amongst men.
Carlton Férment

We Meet the Addicts Stealing Meat for Money Tonight on VICELAND

In tonight's season finale of 'Black Market' Michael K. Williams talks with the young Brits who shoplift in order to buy drugs.
VICE Staff
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Watch This Walmart Thief Mow Down an Employee and Escape on an Electric Scooter

Top speed of this bandit's getaway vehicle? 4 mph!
Matthew James-Wilson
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This Shoplifting Seagull Will Teach You How to Steal Like a Pro

Let this be a lesson to all would-be crooks.
VICE Staff
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This Financial Fraudster Made His Son Shoot Him in an Attempt to Stay Out of Prison

Shannon Egeland​ ordered his teenaged son to shoot him, then told cops he was injured while trying to help a pregnant woman—an ignominious end to a criminal career that's included fraud, shoplifting, and selling prescription drugs.
Helen Donahue

Why Stealing Legos May Be the Perfect Crime

A recent undercover sting operation busted a Lego thief in Portland, but thanks to the toy bricks' high price and the ease of reselling them online, stealing them has become a lucrative trade.
Allie Conti

Talking Down Gunmen and Breaking Up Fights: The Life of a Supermarket Security Guard

Finding the lifeless body of a homeless person next to the supermarket is never easy, even the third time it happens.
Pierre, as told to Flamen Keuj
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This Guy Successfully Robbed Walmart By Dressing Up as a Cashier

He walked in wearing a Walmart employee vest, took over for one of the cashiers, and then proceeded to check out a customer before unloading the cash from the register.
Arielle Pardes

Inside the World of Professional Shoplifters

I spoke to a seasoned shoplifter and one of the "store detectives" tasked with catching people like her in the act.
Maya Oppenheim
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Watch Distortion Pedal Maker Dr. Blankenstein Show Off His Shop in Today's 'Daily VICE'

We also dig through the spoils of Tumblr's shoplifting community, make some Victorian hair art, and explore the life and times of former pro skater Ali Boulala.
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