Snapchat Employees Abused Data Access to Spy on Users

Multiple sources and emails also describe SnapLion, an internal tool used by various departments to access Snapchat user data.
Joseph Cox
3 days ago

Snapchat's Gender-Swapping Photo Filters Can Result in Real Transphobia

"There’s a fine line between encouraging people to take gender less seriously and not considering trans realities."
Serena Sonoma

Slack Warns Investors It's a Target for Nation-State Hacking

As Slack prepares to go public, the company is warning potential investors that it's a target for malicious attacks from “sophisticated organized crime, nation-state, and nation-state supported actors,” according to an SEC filing published today.
Caroline Haskins
The Truth and Lies Issue

Instagram and Snapchat Are Ruining Our Memories

Documenting our lives for Snapchat and Instagram can decrease the likelihood of retaining those moments as a significant memory.
Eda Yu

We Asked People About the Worst Thing We'd Find in Their Facebook Messages

"I planned parties, so like, alcohol-related stuff, drug stuff, and sex stuff."
Charlie Cottrell
sex work

People Are Threatening to Report Sex Workers to the IRS in #ThotAudit

By encouraging people to report sex workers to the IRS, online harassers are putting them at risk.
Samantha Cole

A Guide to Responding to Nudes, for Straight Men

Because you need it.
Emma Garland
The VICE Guide to Right Now

You Can Now Use 'Snapcrap' to Report Piles of Literal Shit on SF's Streets

It works just like Snapchat—only instead of sending bathroom selfies to your friends, you can DM photos of dookie straight to the local government.
Drew Schwartz
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Some Assholes Changed New York City to 'Jewtropolis' on Snapchat's Map

The anti-Semitic hack also showed up on apps like CitiBike and StreetEasy.
River Donaghey

Snapchat Source Code Leaked and Posted to GitHub

Snap confirmed to Motherboard that an iOS update recently exposed some of the company’s source code.
Joseph Cox
Social Media

I Posted My Own Nudes on Instagram Before My Ex Could

"If anyone was going to be posting my naked photos​, it was going to be me, and I was going to get paid for it."
Sofia Barrett-Ibarria

People Told Us About Their Most Savage Social Media Breakups

"He sent me the cringiest video I have ever seen of him miming along to this bitter song... 'Loyal,' by Chris Brown."
Tom Usher