White supremacists planned a Super Bowl rally at the birthplace of the modern KKK. Here's how it fell apart.

First, they couldn't get a permit. Then, they got kicked off Facebook.
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Justin Timberlake's Super Bowl Halftime Show Was... Fine

JT's performance, featuring hits from "Rock Your Body" to "Filthy" was serviceable, but that's all.
Lauren O'Neill

Justin Timberlake, Performative Whiteness, and the Spectacle of Authenticity

'Man of the Woods' isn’t a pivot to whiteness, but feels more like a calculated pander to it.
Kristin Corry
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Americans split on Trump immigration ban, Patriots and Brady smash records in Super Bowl comeback win, Turkey detains almost 750 over suspected ISIS links, and more.
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Yesterday on the Internet: Apparently the Super Bowl is one giant metaphor

On Sunday night, the completely United States sat down as one to watch the 2017 Super Bowl. But because it's 2017, the Super Bowl can't just be the Super Bowl — the entire country is on high metaphor alert, and the symbolism was too much for some.
Michael Kalenderian
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This Dip Has Seven Layers of Surprises

Sydney Kramer
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Behold, the 14 Ultimate Super Bowl Snacks

This is not a day for crudités, friends, but a time to reflect on the drunk foods that sustain us during the breaks between commercials. Enter: our favorite Super Bowl snacks, from the bacon-covered to the pizza-fied.
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SUPER BOWL 51 | GIF Six-Pack

It's that time of year when sports pop back into your social media feed, so here's some relevant art to add to the "conversation."
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From Moist Dishcloth to Swaggering Motherlover: The Transformation of Bruno Mars

In two singles, Mars' potential as one of the standout male performers of this decade has become realised.
Lauren O'Neill

The VICE Morning Bulletin

The New Jersey train that crashed into the Hoboken station Thursday lacked auto-braking technology, the Trump Foundation may have illegally raised money in New York, Lady Gaga was picked for the 2017 Super Bowl halftime show, and more.
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Prince Didn't Care About Rain

Superbowl 2007 producer: "So, Prince, you know it's raining for your Superbowl performance?" Prince: "Can you make it rain harder?"
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Georgia's Governor Says He'll Veto the State's Horrible Anti-LGBT Bill

Governor Nathan Deal promised to block a controversial measure that would have allowed businesses to discriminate against gay and trans people.
Helen Donahue