The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Americans split on Trump immigration ban, Patriots and Brady smash records in Super Bowl comeback win, Turkey detains almost 750 over suspected ISIS links, and more.
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SUPER BOWL 51 | GIF Six-Pack

It's that time of year when sports pop back into your social media feed, so here's some relevant art to add to the "conversation."
Beckett Mufson

The VICE Morning Bulletin

The New Jersey train that crashed into the Hoboken station Thursday lacked auto-braking technology, the Trump Foundation may have illegally raised money in New York, Lady Gaga was picked for the 2017 Super Bowl halftime show, and more.
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The VICE Guide to Right Now

Georgia's Governor Says He'll Veto the State's Horrible Anti-LGBT Bill

Governor Nathan Deal promised to block a controversial measure that would have allowed businesses to discriminate against gay and trans people.
Helen Donahue

A Prison Bookie Explains How Inmates Gamble on the Super Bowl

Eddie runs a betting pool, also known as a "ticket," in federal prison, and says he's made about $7,000 in less than a year.
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‘Madden’ Is the Game That Introduced Me to My Favorite Sport

Football makes next to no sense to beginners, but the video games it inspires help to cut through the language barrier.
Matt Porter

News of Zealand: Animals and Jewellers do the darnedest things

The world might be going to shit but at least the cops are saving hedgehogs.
Carolyn Wadey-Barron

Prison Inmates Have Super Bowl Parties Too

The game is just one day, but sometimes what happens in that TV room can affect your prison reputation for years.
Seth Ferranti

Can the University of Massachusetts Amherst Stop Its Students from Rioting Over the Super Bowl?

Administrators have banned guests in dorms on the day of the big game.
Dan Glaun and Alyssa Creamer

PixMob: Turning Crowds Into Light Canvases

Watch our doc on PixMob, whose LED-embedded wearables turn audiences into living lights spectacles.
The Creators Project

Super Bowl Finger Food

Super Bowl food is an event in itself, the most gluttonous day on the American finger food calendar. On this day, the greasy, fried concoctions, dips, and booze we all love scores a real touchdown (that's a football reference).
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Power Moves by Karl Welzein

How to Rock It for the Supes' Celebraish

If you’re not some piece of trash, you like to keep it rockin’ for the Supes'. It’s pretty much the biggest celebraish of the year for the USA. Last year was so off the chain. I made my Captain Karl’s Pizza Dip (special recipe). It’s kind of a tradish...
Karl Welzein