The Cash-Strapped Museum Embraced by Cops and Corporations

Just a few months after opening, the shaky existence of the National Museum of Law Enforcement suggests that the one-topic museum may exist in a country disinterested in its message.
Sessi Kuwabara Blanchard

Beyoncé at Target Is All of Us, Yet None of Us

Beyoncé showed us her take on the Target-run uniform of yoga pants and dingy college sweaters, and it will not surprise you that she made a few upgrades.
Danielle Kwateng-Clark
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'Target Teresa' Harassed Black Shoppers and Told Them 'You Don't Belong Here'

"I know you’re trained on lying. You’re perfect for the court system because you’re trained liars."
River Donaghey

Massive Data Leaks Keep Happening Because Big Companies Can Afford to Lose Your Data

When criminal hackers keep breaking into big company networks to grab consumer data, the reason comes down to dollars and nonsense.
Erik Sherman

The 'Punk' CBGB-Themed Target Is Peak Late Capitalism

Corporations jumping on culture for profit is obviously an old story, but this time it happened less than two blocks from where I grew up.
Eve Peyser
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Target Apologizes for Building a Fake-Ass CBGB in the East Village

Having been criticized for taking on the legendary punk venue's aesthetic at a new Manhattan location over the weekend, the department store said blah blah blah "guest feedback" or something.
Alex Robert Ross

Budgets Kind of Suck. Here's What I Did Instead to Get My Finances in Order

Setting hard limits on what I can and can’t have just doesn’t vibe with how I live life.
Tanvier Peart
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If You Care About Workers' Rights, Demand Employers Give Livable Wages

It's going to take a combination of political activism and business-led efforts to ensure worker wages increase across the country.
Aaron Barksdale

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Hillary Clinton targets red states as poll lead grows, Trump accuses House Speaker Paul Ryan of (maybe) wanting his campaign to fail, WikiLeaks says Ecuador cut Julian Assange's internet access, and more.
VICE Staff

Here Are the Cheapest Days of the Week for You to Buy Beer and Wine

By looking at 50 million receipts from retail stores, restaurants, and bars, the number-crunchers behind shopper-rewards app Ibotta were able to put together a thorough analysis of price fluctuations for beer and wine.
Nick Rose

A Former Police Chief Says the Way We Train Cops to Use Lethal Force Is Broken

"When it comes time to pull a gun or a trigger, the standards need to be the same from coast to coast."
Norm Stamper, as told to Kerry Shaw
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Watch This Angry Lady Stomp Around Target Waving a Bible to Protest Its Bathroom Policy

"Are you going to let the devil rape your children, America?" she shouts, dragging her children in tow.
VICE Staff