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Leonardo DiCaprio Is Set to Star in Scorsese's Teddy Roosevelt Biopic

Leo is going to play Theo.
VICE Staff

Trump's Interior Chief DGAF About National Monument Public Lands

Ryan Zinke is steering America's energy future backward and trying to destroy your favorite hiking trail in the process.
Jed Ober

Teddy Roosevelt Loved Football, Except When It Brutalized His Son

President Theodore Roosevelt is remembered as an ardent football supporter, but his son Ted's high school and college playing injuries complicated his feelings about the sport's inherent violence.
Matt Chaney

110 Years of Football's Empty Culture Changes

The modern NFL proudly touts its "culture change," but a look at the game's history demonstrates how empty such promises have always been.
Jack Moore
The Fashion Issue 2013

The Great Lost Expedition Brand

In 1903, during an Arctic mineral-hunting expedition, an geologist by the name of Ben Willis discovered that most clothing doesn’t hold up in 100 mph winds and -60 °F temperatures. Ben returned to New York and started designing garments that could...
John Martin
Motherboard Blog

In Which Big Game and Eugenics Go To Washington: or, Environmentalism Is Born (Part One)

In the aftermath of a rollicking dinner party in 1887, Teddy Roosevelt and his friends decided to start a club. It would be devoted to their shared passions: the thrill of the chase, pitting nature against human daring and ingenuity – a club for big...
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