Cops in Arizona Tried a PR Stunt and It Backfired Horribly

Turns out ticketing people for good behavior isn't funny in Sheriff Joe Arpaio's old turf.
Alex Norcia
Autonomous Car Crash

Uber Self-Driving Car Operator Was Watching Hulu When the Car Struck and Killed a Pedestrian

A new police report shows the fatal crash in Tempe, Arizona could have been avoided.
Sarah Emerson
Self-Driving Cars

Tempe Police Release Footage of Fatal Uber Self-Driving Car Accident

Dashboard camera footage of this weekend’s Uber self-driving car accident was released by Tempe police.
Sarah Emerson

Don’t Let the First Pedestrian Death by Uber's Self-Driving Car Freak You Out

A pedestrian in Arizona was killed by a self-driving Uber.
Tracey Lindeman
autonomous cars

Uber Self-Driving Car Kills Arizona Woman, the First Pedestrian Death By Autonomous Car

The death of an Arizona woman hit by an Uber self-driving car marks the first pedestrian fatality by an autonomous vehicle.
Sarah Emerson
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Awful Video Shows MAGA Moms Teaching Toddlers to Hate Muslims at a Mosque

"The Muslims are nothing but devil satan worshippers."
Drew Schwartz

Medical Marijuana License Is No Shield Against Felony Possession Charges on University Campuses

Medical Marijuana user Andre Maestas is charged with felony possession of pot on Arizona State University's campus, even though medical marijuana is legal in the state
Ted Hesson

The World's Slowest Photo Will Take 1,000 Years to Expose

You'll have to wait until the year 3015 years to see Jonathon Keats' pinhole photo.
Becky Chung