We Embedded with Vigilante Drug Testers at the Gathering of the Juggalos

In opioid-ravaged Ohio, Bunk Police helped Insane Clown Posse fans test their drugs.
Allison Tierney
daily vice

This Lab Is Making Sure Your Legal Weed Is Safe to Smoke

We visited a lab that tests weed for harmful contaminants to find out if a batch of cannabis is OK to consume.
VICE Staff
The Festival Harm Reduction Project

Tainted Drugs at Music Festivals a Major Concern for Canadians: VICE Survey

Over 4,600 people responded to our questionnaire about substance use and harm reduction at concerts.
Max Mertens

​For a Whole Bunch of Reasons, 2016 Looks Set to Be the Year of the STI

How can STI rates be up even though fewer people are having sex?
Martin Robbins
VICE vs Video games

Paid to Play: Video Game Testers Talk About Broken Titles and Burnout

You'd think sitting around all day being paid to play video games was a pretty sweet deal, but testing them can be a painful process.
Rafał Cichowski

The Battle Between Professional Sports and the Intersex Community

Where else is the divide between male and female so clearly defined than in professional sport?
Wendy Syfret

Meet the Human Guinea Pigs Who Test Your Meds

Who are the people going through trials of untested drugs? Martyrs for medicine? Students who dropped their entire loans on kegs and mini fridges? I signed up to a clinical trial so I could meet them.
Jak Hutchcraft
Here Be Dragons

Stop Freaking Out About Facebook's 'Psychological Experiments'

Other websites have been playing around with data and algorithms for years.
Martin Robbins

The US Military Is Collecting Data on Millions of High School Students

With the help of schools across the country, the US military is exploiting a loophole in the law to gather personal information on millions of Americans.
Charles Davis

Russia Is Installing Video Cameras in School Classrooms

The Russian government is planning to install video surveillance cameras in classrooms to prevent cheating. They're trying to improve their educational standards, but at the expense of privacy.
Grant Pardee

Sarin, PCP, and Colonel James S. Ketchum

The doctor behind the US Army's psychedelic Manhattan Project, held at the top-secret Edgewood Arsenal facility, has a few regrets. Weed isn't one of them.
Adam Clark Estes

We Gave Bullshit E-meter Readings to Complete Strangers

The Hubbard Electrometer, more commonly known as the E-meter, is a "religious artifact" used to measure the state of electrical characteristics in the static field surrounding the body. E-meters operate in a similar fashion to lie detectors, relying on...
Rocco Castoro