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Google's Ripping Text Messages Out of Hangouts, But You Have Options

The search giant wants Hangouts to become a Slack-like chat app for teams, and is consequently stripping out features intended for everyday people.
David Bixenspan

You're Probably Fine with SMS-Based Two-Factor Authentication

SMS-based two-factor authentication has got a lot of bad press recently. But the fact is the majority of people have a lot to gain from it.
Joseph Cox

Wireless Emergency Alerts of the Future Will Support Clickable Links

The current alerts, used for things like weather emergencies and Amber Alerts, only support text.
David Bixenspan
short circuit

Here’s How to Prevent WhatsApp from Giving Facebook Your Phone Number

WhatsApp claims giving Facebook your phone number will lead to an improved experience, but you can sidestep the move for now.
Nicholas Deleon
Digital Immigrant

The Technology Helping Undocumented Immigrants Avoid the Police

For some users, these services are a way to avoid traffic. But for undocumented immigrants, knowing where the police are and how to avoid them is just part of daily survival.
Arielle Pardes

An Artist Created an Opera Performed Through Text Messages

The "audience" will receive two SMS messages a day combining straight narrative, images, and video. The vibration from their phones creates the opera's "music."
Daniel Oberhaus

This Journalist Is Helping Isolated Communities Share Their Stories Using Cell Phones

Libby is the founder of On Our Radar, a platform that allows citizen journalists in isolated communities around the world to share their experiences, using nothing more powerful than a text.
Mark Wilding

Indonesia Has Declared War on 'Gay Friendly' Emojis

It's only one aspect of the country's entrenched homophobia.
Erin Cook

What I've Learned Ghostwriting Other People's Texts and Emails

I've written letters to clients' grandmothers, offered replies to late-night sexts, and sent sympathy cards to sick loved ones—all pretending to be someone I'm not.
Angela Lovell

The Messages We Wish We Could Un-Send

"I once sent my girlfriend-at-the-time a text that said 'I'm going to make your vagina cry.' By mistake, I sent it to my mom."
Arielle Pardes

Leaked Messages Allegedly Show Kremlin Paid for French Far Right Leader to Endorse Crimea Annexation

Hackers obtained nearly 40,000 messages from a high-ranking Russian official that allegedly reference a deal between the Kremlin and Marine Le Pen, the leader of France's far-right National Front party.
Melodie Bouchaud

Cathedral Installation Turns Text Messaged Thoughts Into Shooting Stars

Filipe Vilas-Boas brings his latest project, "Shooting Thoughts," to the French Gothic church of Saint-Eustache, Paris.
Sophia Callahan