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This Photographer Shot Portraits of His Famous Friends in the Tub

From the late 70s to the early 90s, Don Herron photographed downtown New York cult icons in the bath.
Miss Rosen

You Need to See 'Girlfriends,' the First Film to Really Tackle Female Friendship

The 1978 cult classic is beloved by Lena Dunham, Greta Gerwig, and Wes Anderson.
Elyssa Goodman

This Consciousness-Raising Cafe Wants You to Eat Like a Feminist

While the cultural definition of feminism has changed considerably since the 70s, the ethos of Bloodroot Restaurant and Feminist Bookstore has not.
Alicia Kennedy

How the Combative Beginning of Women's Studies Shaped Feminist In-Fighting Today

At the West Coast Women's Studies Conference of 1973, scholars in the new academic discipline gathered to discuss sisterhood, survival tactics, and how the conference organizers had marginalized basically everyone. The atmosphere was tense and chaotic...
Erin Vanderhoof

The Lasting Impact of 'Sexy Nurse' Exploitation Films

In 1970, Stephanie Rothman directed an "exploitation" film for the notorious low-budget producer Roger Corman. The result, "The Student Nurses," subverted the genre with a feminist message and went on to become a cult hit—but Rothman's career never...
Craig Hubert
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Remembering the 70s: An Interview with Author Will Hermes About Punk, Glam, and So Much More

The 60s assumed that rockstars were meant to be pure messiahs. The 70s challenged that notion with punk, glam, and glaring persona.
Derek Scancarelli
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Highlighting the Iconic New York City Music Venues of the 70s

Trust that there was a whole lot more than just CBGB & OMFUG (even though that's the picture we used).
Derek Scancarelli

Fuck School: David Bowie Taught Me Everything I Needed to Know About Identity, Acceptance, and Art

He didn't just scratch the surface; he excavated it, renovated it, and tore it down, just so he could start all over again.
Martin James
you know who sucked

Lou Reed Was a Jealous, Misogynistic 'Prick' Who Acted Obnoxious to Sell Records

We talked to the author of a new biography, "Notes from the Velvet Underground," about how we're all "beginning to see the light" on the beloved proto-punk provocateur's personality.
Lauren Oyler

The Pink Squirrel Is No Longer Just for Party Moms and 90s Sitcoms

The delightfully trashy and decadent Pink Squirrel made its mark on Roseanne, The Nanny, and your mom's college days. And now it's back to get you drunk.
Hilary Pollack

Getting Up Close and Personal with Porn-Inspired Paintings

Decades after they were first censored in the 1970s, Betty Tompkins' photorealistic paintings of sex and genitalia are getting a digital reboot in her solo show, "Real Ersatz."
Lauren Oyler

People Would Boo, And I Would Scream Back At Them: "I Hate Your Fucking Guts!"

Reflecting on 45 of Suicide, one of the most fearless live acts to ever walk on planet Earth, with Alan Vega and Martin Rev.