The Fappening

revenge porn

One in 25 Americans Say They’ve Been a Victim of Revenge Porn

While the issue is widespread, young women and gay, lesbian, and bisexual people face a greater chance of being publicly exposed online.
Kimberly Lawson

Is Reddit's Nudes Problem Unsolvable?

The site has a long history of posting photos without consent.
Kari Paul
Here Be Dragons

​The Internet in 2014 Was Basically Just Hackers, Misogynists, and Kim Kardashian’s Ass

Remember when the internet used to be fun?
Martin Robbins

The IT Consultant to the Stars

Recent high-profile hacks have spread celebrity secrets across the internet. In Hollywood, there’s a man trying to keep it from happening again.
Jesse Hicks

Renee Zellweger Appears in Public, Sparks a Media Firestorm

The hubbub over Renee Zellweger's "new face" has taken over the internet, but why do so many people feel so strongly about making fun of <i>this</i> celebrity?
Dave Schilling

Reddit Is Less of a Lawless Free-for-All Than It Thinks It Is

Taking down illegal or objectionable subreddits doesn't make Reddit any less of a bastion of free speech, but it does make it less horrible than it was before.
Allegra Ringo

Leaked Dick Pics From Hacked EDM DJs Even More Terrifying Than You Would Expect

Steve Aoki, David Guetta, Daft Punk and Hardwell like you've never wanted to see them before.
TMP Staff
VICE Premiere

Watch This Very NSFW Video for Coolio’s New Song About Masturbating to Pornhub

The rapper behind the the <i>Kenan & Kel</i> theme song is back with "Take It to the Hub"—a song about living in a pussy paradise.
Mitchell Sunderland

The Fappening Has Revealed a New Type of Pervert

Our appetite for pornographic trespass is no longer for accidentally bared skin, but accidentally bared humanity. We want to know the setting the woman is in, the story behind each shot.
Roisin Kiberd

This Porn Site Operator Issued a Bounty for Helping Catch the 'Fappening' Leaker

We caught up with Mike Kulich of, to find out what burns him up so much about leaked celebrity nudes, and to learn how to collect this reward. Turns out he's got a thing for consent.
Mitchell Sunderland