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The Real Future of VR Probably Isn't at Your Computer, It's at the Mall

It may not be the Holodeck, but it's surprising how much The VOID feels like it.
Rich Monahan
the void

Near-Death Experiences Have a Freakish Amount in Common

But there are still some key differences, as a new study shows.
Daniel Oberhaus

Finally, You Can Play Out Your Ghostbuster Fantasies in VR

Now you can fulfill all your Ghostbusters LARPer dreams in this VR experience at Madame Tussauds.
Kara Weisenstein

Michael in the Void

In today's comic by Stephen Maurice Graham, Michael discovers what could have been.
Stephen Graham

Femtosecond Lasers Allow Physicists to Directly Observe Zero-Point Energy

All the way at the bottom of reality, there is still more than nothing. Physics requires it.
Michael Byrne

Just What Physicists Wanted to See: Nothing

A new experiment lets physicists see the mirror reflections of zero-point energy.
Michael Byrne
jacked in

Those Virtual Feelings

VR is venturing into the realm of brain waves, heart rates, and other biometric signals, and it will blow your mind.
Amy Robinson

Enter "THE VOID": The World's First Virtual Reality Theme Park

It's like laser tag meets The Matrix inside this cutting-edge "virtual entertainment center."
Beckett Mufson
Objectively Correct Lists

Want to Feel OLD? The Animals from These Classic Album Covers Are Most Definitely Dead

How's THIS for a throwback? Every one of these animals has gone into the silent grace of the eternal blackness.
Dan Ozzi

Listen to a Poppy, Yet Guttural New Song from Seattle’s Murmurs

It's a weird combo, but it works.
Noisey Staff
Motherboard Blog

Researchers Create Light From the Void, Total Nothingness, the Most Brutal Darkness

Turns out creating light isn't such a divine act after all. Not in the sense of powering on a lightbulb or firing up a star or discharging some static electricity. No, creating light in the Genesis "let there be light" sense. Light from nothing at all...
Michael Byrne