Thomas Edison


MIT Researchers Have Developed a ‘System for Dream Control’

When is a sleeper actually asleep?
Daniel Oberhaus

Listen to the Eerie Warbles of the Oldest Sound Recording in History

The French sound recording pioneer Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville never expected his samples to be played back, but scientists found a way.
Becky Ferreira
Sega Genesis

​The Story of the AC Adapter, Thomas Edison's Revenge on the Power Grid

They’re big, clunky, and annoying, but AC adapters are a fact of life in consumer electronics. Why? Let’s just say Thomas Edison’s getting his comeuppance.
Ernie Smith

VICE Sports Q&A: Snowboarding Legend Travis Rice Talks About His New Movie 'The Fourth Phase'

Travis Rice, who's been called the Paul Revere of big mountain freestyle, discusses how he's actually more like Thomas Edison, among other things.
Jeff Pearlman

Watching Vinyl Records Get Made Is Like Meditation

A technological throwback, just like vinyl records themselves.
Madison Margolin

Thomas Edison Thought It Was a Bright Idea to Electrocute Animals

One of history's most brilliant inventors didn't hold a patent on being an asshole, but he emerged at the forefront of the field.
Lauren Oyler

This Project Is Digitizing Wax Cylinders So You Can Listen Like It's 1880

There’s been a quiet revival around this mostly forgotten recording medium.
Emiko Jozuka
VICE vs Video games

They May Look Great, But Video Games Can Never be 'Cinematic'

Today's big-budget video games look and sound great, but "cinematic" is something that they're not.
Ed Smith
Motherboard Blog

Happy Birthday, Stock Ticker: You Made Buying and Selling Inhuman

Right now in the space of a few clicks, I as just some jerkoff with a checking account and poor judgement, could purchase shares in the likelihood that the US or Israel will attack Iran before the end of the year on InTrade. After another cup of coffee...
Michael Byrne

Hear The Oldest Known Recording Of Voice And Music, From 1878

<p>It&#8217;s a little scratchy, but at least you might recognize the nursery rhyme.</p>
Abdullah Saeed